Saturday, March 12, 2016

just a quick

This is just for fun today since it is Saturday..

Everybody is always looking for something quick for a snack or skipping meals, many people require a quick snack throughout the day due to ailments....

these are a few I like...I giggle about what I will blog about when I am uninspired!...haha!

CRACKERS---I always like crackers for quick snacks I enjoy the Club Crackers by Keebler with salads, soups, and meat and cheese party trays.

others I enjoy--Good peanut butter and cheese crackers, toasted, or even the small cookies are nice---I like NipChee/ToastChee, Lance, Frito-Lay, Austin, Nekot, Ritz, Cheez-its....any variety pack is good to have for snacks or quick noon meals, you have many more for the whole week.... I also like the Garden Vegetable crackers--good too! Goldfish crackers are cute! all kinds of snack crackers with seasonings, a few of my family members enjoy pork rinds with seasoning as a snack, but I have never tried them...Turkey Creek is the brand they all purchase...

DONUTS/PASTRY-----People always say " OH donuts are not good for you!" BUT I like them occasionally for breakfast with coffee, or tea, many colorful donuts, sprinkles, cream filled, fruit filled, powdered, maple coated is one of my favorites....

I enjoy any local donut/pastry shop, I like Dunkin' Donuts--but it left the local city and I hated that!, I like the brands--- Krispy Kreme, Tasty Kakes, Hostess, Toaster Streudel, Little Debbie, CloverHill, Mrs. Freshley's, --for breakfast... 

I like any variety or kinds of these pastries---Honey buns, Boston Cream Pie pastries, Cinnamon Rolls, Long-Johns maple coated and with vanilla pudding cream filling, Apple Fritters, Donut-holes with glazed icing, Butter Horns, Bear Claws, Vanilla Cream filled Donuts with maple icing, Crullers with glaze icing, Twisted Donuts with glaze icing, Cup Cakes, Vanilla Zingers, Twinkies, Ding-Dongs, Fruit-Filled Danish....just all of them!...Haha!

CANNED PASTAS----I enjoy for a quick lunch sometimes any canned pastas with a salad or a vegetable, they are easy to heat in the microwave placed in a microwave safe dish

I enjoy:
Chef Boyardee
or any off brand that is affordable any canned pasta I like so far! 

BEENIE-WEENIES---these are something I liked when I was a child and I haven't tried them lately, but they are a quick snack to make with mashed potatoes and a vegetable..You can purchase them canned or create your own!

PORK N BEANS---Talking about beans, haha!..I like Van Camp's Pork N Beans with sandwiches, hamburgers, potato salad, hotdogs when I grill outside....I often purchase those...

VIENNA SAUSAGES---any brand of these I like, but I wish I could find them in Hormel brand again...I like these with mustard, a small square of sharp cheddar cheese, and a Club cracker...quick snack.

UNCOOKED, WASHED VEGETABLES (with ranch dip)---I enjoy uncooked washed/peeled carrot sticks, washed/uncooked segmented cauliflower and broccoli tops and a nice ranch on vegetable trays.

CANNED FRUIT---Fruit is always something I enjoy fresh, frozen, or canned I like all brands and they are a healthier snack for you...canned peaches with cottage cheese are a good snack together....fresh peeled and cored apples are good also!

CANNED BLACK OLIVES---My family has always giggled about how much I have always liked to eat olives, since I was a child, I have always liked them...MY favorite kind of olives are the black olives with the pits(seeds) removed...I like them by themselves or on pizzas, or salads...You have to be careful when enjoying them right out of the cans and look for those stupid pits(seeds) you can hurt yourself!...but I enjoy them for a snack.

CHEESES--any brand I enjoy for a snack with party trays, or individuals cheeses, I also like String Cheese, cheese is fun to peel string cheese and eat it!

YOGURT---any brand of yogurt I enjoy for stomach health and digestive health...helps your tum-tum!



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