Thursday, March 17, 2016

recreational buildings....

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Wear green today!

Growing up in rural farming areas and the local small town I know how boring things can get and that many others feel the same way at times...Even the cities have boredom...everyone can become bored from time to time...and want to have a "rec hall day"

I enjoy recreational buildings or "rec halls" as they are sometimes called....Adults and children all enjoy recreational games and these are also good ways to keep people off of the streets and help to rid the days of boredom in the small towns and cities....

GAMING  rooms with gaming consoles are nice, people can compete and watch/play the many screens above on the wall..i always enjoy Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog..gaming consoles I know of are:

ARCADE MACHINES AND GAMES--- are also something I have always enjoyed, the machines stand upright and place a few tokens into the machine and you can play the arcade game of the machine...I like all the retro arcade machines/games and also the new machines/games, I enjoyed those retro machines/games in the 80's as a small child at the local cafes....I miss all that fun!..Pac-Man was always fun and challenging...

TABLETOP GAMES--I like to play these table top games I enjoy them---
Air Hockey
Pin Ball 

OTHER games I enjoy are:
Skee Ball
Super Hoop basket ball(with mini basket balls)
Laser Tag

other challenging recreational  ideas for adults would be:
rock wall climbing
IFLY Indoor sky diving

there are so many games and recreational fun ideas for a recreational building for all ages to enjoy and they are good for the local economy and for the people of these areas for something to enjoy and have fun at, maybe help keep people off the streets and away from illegal activities, create good work.....They should have security at all times with local law enforcement there and security cameras to keep illegal activities away at all times!

maybe include a snack bar for refreshments and people won't have to leave their games to go find a would all be nice for the small towns and the local cities to have something fun like this available....

skating and bowling buildings would also be a lot of enjoyment to those locally as would help curb the boredom for most people...give them something to attend and be involved in on days they have nothing else to be working on...


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