Thursday, March 3, 2016

peeps easter marshmallows....and other items...

Exhausted....driving in Oklahoma City makes you very tired!

when closer to home I was able to go to the Dollar Tree, I like shopping in there, it's fun!...I know when I place items in the shopping cart I count them and everything is a $1/with tax....

I enjoy looking for unusual items and I like looking at all the seasonal items...My Auntie likes to shop in there for things for church celebrations/decorations and it is affordable, when the church needs to make a large purchase of items for parties/celebrations...genius idea of a store!....very good idea!'s all cute and affordable...

On the Easter aisle I noticed they have a lot of decorations, candies, Easter treat baskets, paper bags, all the plastic eggs to halve and place toys, money, stickers, candies in for Easter egg hiding, and they had Easter egg colorful dying kits for when you want to boil, colorful dye, decorate your own real Easter eggs--fun!....I like to create these.

I purchased---

Peeps---are a colorful sugary marshmallow and I enjoy how colorful, bright and cheerful they all are....they are a little too sugary for me, but I bought 4 packages of plain in yellow, blue, pink, purple, yesterday for a Easter Rice Krispie treat recipe I found...very pretty, many people love to have Peeps at Easter and I like to decorate cakes, or garnish with them on an Easter dessert sometimes....I think they are traditional and cute!

 Easter candies---that I will save for Easter day, for others to enjoy with me..

Easter chocolate decorated bunny---to place on my Easter cake I will make on Easter tradition...

Easter decorative garland----that is bright and cheerful for my bedroom mirror.

pastel colorful plush animals--- they had frogs too! cute!

Pears and Yardley bar soaps----I like the scents of the soaps and they clean you very well...My Family has always liked Pears soap, I like the see-thru gold hue of it too....and that it is packaged in plastic, in the box...neato!

and that is what I purchased affordably at the Dollar Tree.


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