Monday, March 20, 2017

bagels and cream cheese...

I have always enjoyed different food items for breakfast...

Bagels toasted in the toaster, they Pop ! up when toasted, then add + cream cheese placed onto the halves of the toasted bagel are good !...I enjoy this for breakfast once in a while....

cream cheese has cholesterol....people may wish for half the fat ( 1 /2 ) cream cheese that is available..not as good...but there for health concerns...

Many different kinds of bagels out there in stores on bread aisle, or freezer areas....

I have always enjoyed bagels + cream cheese....for breakfast, once I had ulcers in my stomach bad, and I would have a bagel + cream cheese, and it seemed to help some, but that is just medical help for bad ulcers ya know !

Some may need whole grain / wheat bagels for dietary concerns...those are available...

Brands of these bagels I have tried and enjoy:

Sara Lee
David's Deli
Braum's --- once had them, may still

I enjoy my bagels with some seasoning, so they aren't just a bread purchased a package of a brand one day, can't remember the brand right now, but they had no seasoning, just as a plain bread roll.....haha....

Cream cheeses --- I enjoy most of them

Brands such as ---

--- Philadelphia
--- Great Value
--- Braum's
--- Save a lot, I think also has one I tried several years ago.

Breakfast time !


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