Tuesday, March 7, 2017

dating violence.....

I know many people date often, from teenagers to adults...it is often very stressful trying to find someone that is not dangerous to go on a date with...

Everyone who is going to go out on a date, needs to be very careful, and I think that when you are asked out on a date with someone whom you don't really know yet, you always need to be very cautious and aware of the dangers....

Going out on a first date with someone ??? Why not take along other friends who are dating and attend an event, for safety...this would be better many times before you know someone...get to know them better with friends along to attend dates / events....

Rape, sodomy, drug abuse --poisoning, all these things I know go on with dates, needs to end !!! Be more aware on dates, and know who your date is....

Teen dating definitely needs to be monitored always...and I think parents need to be very strict with teens !!! ....I couldn't wear makeup, drive a vehicle, or attend any activities after school because of danger.....

As a teen, I wasn't allowed to wear tight, see thru clothing or low cut blouses, no makeup....I didn't wish to dress provocatively anyway, but I had strict teen rules from my family...I am very happy they were strict, so many terrible things could have happened....they knew my every move always, because they adored me...I am thankful.

I never really had a date until I was 18 years old....lol...and I had to pay for the date, show, event...he was just really a friend I felt sad for, he asked me out....haha !....nothing more....I didn't really care for dating or any of that...I was all interested in music, and singing, art, farming,  more than I was a silly ol' boyfriend !....lol...I never slept with anyone.

I saw / heard of many violent dates they talked about at my hometown, and local area towns / cities....very upsetting, disturbing....probably prostitution / drugs use, a lot of that going on with others....upsetting sadness ! But I know everyday many young teens who are innocent are on dates and are coaxed to be promiscuous, and they can be violently raped, hit, left for dead, drugged, killed, that saddens me for the innocent teens, young adults, and adults...goes on with all..needs to end..we need more awareness programs for dating violence !

Being placed on dates with others as terrible joke, is awful, and sometimes this goes on to intentionally hurt physically / emotionally, rape, hit, disease, belittle, make fun of, very disgusting, upsetting, and those weirdos need to end ! ....I have seen and heard about this happening to all ages, and they have tried to have that done to me !....nasty hillbilly kinfolk trying to have terrible things done to me by others....haha ! ....I just laugh in their faces, never trusted them !!!...oh, how they screamed when their evil plans fell through / didn't work !!!! Hahaha !...they couldn't catch me, I am too smart for those nasty pieces of sh#t !...lol...I just laugh.

Keep your teenagers safe, tell them of the dangers of dating violence, never let them go out on dates alone or wait until they are 18 years old, do not dress provocatively !!! No make up til older....tell them no promiscuity, no sleeping with others til marriage...purchase a Christian True love waits ring...those are good keepsakes/ reminders to stay pure til marriage....stop many problems before they happen at young age, or any age while dating....sleeping around isn't good for anyone, causes too much sadness, hurt feelings. upsets, disarray with one's life ! Be married first...The Lord does not like promiscuity !!!

talk with them about nastiness of promiscuity, teen pregnancy, unwanted stds....many dangers for teens, young adults, and even older adults with dating....know someone first before totally trusting them...that's just how I am with everything, after all this dangerous b.s. in my life....and surroundings ! 

You do not have to sleep with someone to go on a date !!!...that's nasty / cheap of a person, all ages have taken part in that, needs to stop. Old --fashioned dates, simple, attend event, go back home...nothing more...nice !

Often they sleep with someone on dates, and then one of them will go talk about / brag about, laugh about sleeping with someone who is a virgin....nasty, disgusting ! ...then they think oh, I can have this one in bed, I can have many others....weirdos....you have to be very careful, watchful for these types of nasty trashy people, don't bed hop !

You do not have to sleep with someone to be valuable ! You are wonderful without all that !

Belittling, tearing down, making fun of beloved you are dating is disgusting, saying your beloved whom you are dating, is not perfect enough, beautiful enough, body wise, or clothing, or maybe they don't take part in nastiness, those running their mouths off at you !?? get rid of them ! So do not let them constantly ridicule or harass you over things they think you are not perfect enough about or won't take part in...they do not care for you ! stand up to them, and leave, never return, nobody needs to put up with that sh# t !!! Many others to choose from for a date every once in a while..

Dating is many things, but it can be too weird, stressful...who wants all that mess !!!..... haha !


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