Thursday, March 30, 2017

oh, salads....

Salad is always a healthier meal, to have, it can be boring ! I always like to add many other items to a salad, and have it heaping full, that way, you have a meal with a salad....

I always have to have croutons, on salads...pre -- packaged, with garlic, and cheese, my onto salad..

Cobb salads -- are nice with ham pieces, boiled egg slices, onion, radishes, cheese sprinkles, tomatoes, carrot shreds.

Chicken salads -- create at home, or I enjoy those from Taco Mayo, or Rib crib...very good !

Beef taco salads -- these are good also, create at home, or from any restaurant...Taco Bueno, taco bell, taco mayo....Taco Tico...

Braums has very good salads, also with fruit.

Creating salads at home for meals is nice during the hotter weather, simple.

Pre -- packaged salads are something I enjoy...spring mix is a favorite, many other vegetables with this, red cabbage, also..

Brands of these I enjoy:

--- dole
--- marketside
--- fresh exspress

These are nice, I always remove some from the package for creating a meal, then I pre - wash in a colander I have...always wash your vegetables ! Keep mix in refrigerator....

Plain lettuce, is also something I purchase, and shred, then place in a plastic container in refrigerator, always wash entire lettuce, then place in Ziploc plastic type sealed bags, keep cool in refrigerator ! Add other the salad, for meal.

Salad dressing is always good to me.

These I enjoy most, find at grocery stores, Wal-Mart, target, dollar stores....keep in refrigerator always.

Kraft - all
T. Marzetti 
Save a lot -- all
Best Choice
Pampa -- olive oil dressing
Always Save
shur saving
valu - time
Clover valley
Family gourmet
Great value

--- these are also nice to marinate chicken, beef in, place interior of plastic bag or container, secure, fill with half bottle of these dressings, let set overnight in refrigerator...then grill / bake / cook next day...seasons well...

Hidden valley ranch is nice for salads, in containers or the dry mix packets, you pour into bowl, mix with 1 cup mayonnaise, 1 cup of milk..stir well...very good with washed raw broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, radishes, cauliflower, those vegetable trays...refrigerate !

Keep mayonnaise cold, chilled always, can cause bacteria if not kept cold, so always remember that one !

I enjoy mayonnaise, sometimes also called --

miracle whip, 
valu -- time, 
best choice, 
save a lot,
always save,
blue plait,
great value -- all good brands of mayonaisses.

Carrots are very nice, I enjoy raw carrots, with dressings, and carrot juice is very good to drink for me, I like it....

rabbits also enjoy carrots for meals....I remember Bugs Bunny was once on a carrot package !!! I really enjoyed seeing him on there!..wish I could find him again, on carrot Ol' Bugs....he's cute !


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