Saturday, March 25, 2017

cake mix, easter baskets, easter egg kits.....

Purchased the Pillsbury spring confetti cake mix the other day, + the icing with spring sprinkles onto the top of container....these cake mixes and icings to go with, are very fun to create and have for celebrations, as easter time.

I have been seeing more and more of the easter gifts arrive in stores...oh, they are fun and very whimsical....I know I keep talking about them, but they remind me of happy memories that I had as a child on easter Sunday....I was fortunate to have nice easter celebrations...

Easter baskets are there, everywhere to purchase, with small toys, plush critters, candy, and stickers....a lot of fun to gift on easter Sunday !!!.....I think as a child I had almost every colorful plastic easter basket already prepared from a local store every year a different one.....

Some people may choose to create their own baskets, purchase supplies from dollar tree, more affordable for many, I know that ! whatever items I mentioned above into the baskets, adorn with sparkles, trinkets, toys, plush critters, then wrap in clear or lightly colorful see -- thru clear wraps, purchase at Dollar tree !....have fun, create it to be very cute to gift to children, 

or even create easter baskets, for adults in your family, or friends....add colorful flower pens, puzzle books, stickers, candies, small plush critters or whatever you wish....

The easter egg decorating kits are everywhere now, read the instructions on boxes, many to choose from !....if using fresh eggs from hen house, remember to check for baby chickens interior of egg, hold up to light, never boil eggs before checking for baby chickens.....terrible if happens ! Yikes !

Easter egg kits I have seen, look fun ! I also enjoyed these as a child....

Kits as : 

Tie dye
24 k
Crazy !
Bunnies and chicks

Old fashion tradition for easter.


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