Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Reading a good book is always a good way to calm down, get lost from worries, stresses....I have always enjoyed reading a nice book with many pages, good storylines, something I enjoy....

There are many book stores out there, and used book stores often have many books that are used for an affordable cost...I have purchased used books before, locally, they even have older titles ---nice reads.

Reading books is a good way to pass the time, get away from worries, and sadness, I think.

Good thing about books, you can travel with a few, take with you to read !

Many authors, titles, story lines, plots, characters --- all different...

Different genres / types:

Sci - fi.
 Many others....

One genre that I would enjoy reading, I haven't yet read, would be fantasy....I would like to read one of those, see how I like those...

Bookmarks, are always fun, many available out there, to keep your place in books when you aren't reading, so you can find where you stopped before.

I noticed a scholastic book fair at a local school and I wanted to stop by ! ....lol....they always had all kinds of cute / neato children's books, pencils, pens, erasers, bookmarks, don't know why I adored those book fairs so much, but I did back then....lol....

Reading is fun.


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