Thursday, March 23, 2017


I am very relieved that spring is here....just wish for some rain and to be able to watch thunderstorms build up...I enjoy watching them...

I saw a few butterflies floating in the air yesterday morning early before the winds became stronger...butterflies are so very beautiful and peaceful...I wonder if they are always peaceful....?

I giggle about those Little Debbie snack cakes I found at the store, they are very cute !...shaped as a butterfly...very pretty and unique....

Thinking about being loyal to everything good, everyone you adore, everything you cherish....

Loyalty is very important. We should all be loyal to those things good in our lives, you don't know how very important this is....when you are able to have something wonderful and good in your life, that is a blessing, never toss it or them away....

Betrayal is many terrible things, painful, upsetting, depressing, a let down to all....causes much chaos, and loss.

Always forever be loyal to things / others who matter in life.

You don't know what you have, til it is gone, that's just how life is...always be loyal to what is important and can lose and ruin so much goodness in your life in a matter of seconds when you betray, and don't appreciate what you have....

Loyalty to these are good and very important.

---loyalty to your patriotic
---family....who is good, kind, trustworthy, love / care for you.
---work occupation...keep working....remain loyal.
---friends, good and kind to you who are trustworthy...never betray.

---amor, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, who are kind, love / adore you...never cheat, lie to, never abuse....never betray.

---pets ! They are always loyal to you ! Take good care, love / adore them, never hurt, abuse / neglect....respect them.

---forever be loyal to goodness, the good in life, never betray goodness !.....this only causes turmoil everywhere when you betray goodness, and don't appreciate it when you find it.


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