Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Bueno bags / purses !.....

Having a purse to keep all of your belongings in as you travel to + from town, for whatever business you need to tend to, is very helpful....

I know I have many items I need to take with me whenever I go somewhere, and having a nice purse to keep with me is necessary to carry items, so they won't be lost.......yikes !

Items can be lost, easily, when you are very rushed, travelling, not paying attention, I know I always need to keep items contained......

I think that the Bueno brand purses / bags are very beautiful, I enjoy the colors of the southwest.....so pretty !........I often think they are rustic, old style looking, I very much enjoy that !

Many different prices, often you can find them in several stores....JcPenney's, Dillards, Stage, various other stores........many styles, I prefer all of them !  ;)

Items I place into purses and carry with me are many : travel items mostly.

Small tissue packs
Hand sanitizer
Makeup, small set
Coin purse
Writing pens
Shopping list
Medicines needed
Hair pins
Small sketch book
Small fun activity book
Snacks, candy, nuts, fruit snacks, cheese crackers
Chewing gum
Hair rubber bands / ties
Mini toothbrush + toothpaste, place in Ziploc bag
Mini mouthwash, fresh breath !
Deodorant mini
Sometimes bottle of water

Haha !.......just laugh, everything but the kitchen sink into the purses I carry !.....lol......so I always need plenty of room in a purse, that way, as I travel, I am prepared, never without something needed !....

I love the Bueno purses / bags, very cute, cool, colorful southwest + other styles they have for purchase....


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