Friday, August 4, 2017

Dinosaur grow egg !.....

Found at the dollar general store, yesterday, a toy dinosaur egg, that hatches in water a dinosaur toy.....I think these are very neato + cute ! Just $ 3 !

You simply place the grand size egg into water dish, leave 24 hours, then toy dinosaur hatches from shell, just leave the toy dinosaur in water itself a few more hours, it should grow !....haha !

I love these toys that grow in water, or hatch in water......just laugh, I am an adult who adores these affordable fun toys from the stores....

The dinosaur hatch grow egg is called :

Dino World Megga Grow Egg.

It is a surprise what the in shell dinosaur toy is !

I haven't submerged mine in water yet, I will later...

It is a surprise what dinosaur hatches from the grand size egg !!! ;) Excited ! :p

JA - RU toys is the brand they have many fun, affordable small toys, make you giggle, smile !


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