Monday, August 7, 2017

Just some collecting......

When you are bored, sad, alone, just go to town and spend some time shopping for affordable items to purchase + collect, anything random, cute, colorful, something unique you truly to see what you can collect, is scarce, so affordable is best.

Just for fun, with extra change, extra dollars you may have somewhere in a drawer, or coin purse !

For these random days of boredom silly shopping, I only shop on the $ 5 - $ 10 - $ 20 range at Dollar stores, dollar tree, Wal-Mart.....Kmart, Target....anything affordable on the aisles, collect, enjoy after purchase......dollar stores are the best ! Enjoy the $ 1 items, take your family / friends.......enjoy the day ! Take your dollars. :)

Went shopping yesterday, for items to collect....affordable....just for fun here is what I purchased :

Peanuts, Snoopy dog t - shirt !.....cute !

Silly Scents Crayola brand markers + colored pencils, very neat !  More scented office supplies.......ya know me !

I purchased some candies for my candy stash bag, to collect, I enjoy a piece everyday, may last for months !......haha.....

Found a hazelnut wafer + creme chocolate candy called Knoppers, New to me, at Wal-Mart, affordable just a $ 1 / some change, for three squares, nice !......yummy !

Bagged candies in bright package label brand new to me called Gonzo, all kinds of candies, affordable...good !

I was going to purchase some new undergarments, and I found a package at Wal-Mart very affordable, many colorful styles, prices different, everyone needs new undergarments every so + women, kids.......keep washed....all brands at Wal-Mart.....more affordable.....I don't care, affordable there ! Who cares.

I found a paper brochure advertisement, for the Schwan 's ice cream + food truck, they can be pricey......years ago, family purchased a few ice cream items / food items from their yellow trucks to deliver to home, really good, different, I always enjoyed the ability to order from Schwan 's and their delivery of purchased items to home, way out in the country.......nice for a silly farm girl, to have stop by.......something different.....just ordered right from the delivery truck.....into your home.

I know summer will be ending soon, it is almost mid August, can't believe how quickly time goes on minute it is summer, next few seconds it's over, just how life always is, things change, and end.....


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