Monday, May 18, 2015

i hate mosquitoes....

stupid nasty mosquitoes !

I see that they are's that time of year...unfortunately.

I do not like them, they bite and make itchy spots on your skin that I put Benadryl or hydrocortisone cream on once a day if I get them....

looks as though it's time to purchase a few Citronella candles for the porch if I'm going to step outside for a bit and set in the chair in late evening...always be careful with candles !..they can cause serious burns and fires...

something I also use to combat annoying nasty mosquitoes is something called Off! that you spray on your skin so they will stay away from you when you go outside..

I always change my pets water everyday outside because those stupid mosquitoes will lay eggs in them that can cause your pets to ingest them and become very ill from the larva/worms of the mosquitoes.....icky and awful!

mosquitoes will be here to stay all through summer...*sad face*

stay away from me stupid mosquitoes!!!

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