Monday, May 25, 2015

memorial day.......

Today is Memorial Day and I think about the many people in armed forces who have died while serving our country and how we should all be very grateful to them for all their sacrifices...and that when they gave their lives to protect our country we are able to live free....

I'm very proud of my Grandpa who served our country many years ago and all friends/family everywhere who have helped us to be free today and every day!

I like to think about those in armed forces today and think about why we are free because of their sacrifices....

My Grandpa always thinks about today, and what he experienced in war time..He has always reminded us that you should be thankful for those who fought for our country and that when you are able to live free it's because of all the sacrifices others made.

so I'm thinking about those people today who died fighting for our country when I see the American flag flying today everywhere..It should fly everywhere all the time..I have an American flag on my property that flies all the time!

I like the colors red, white, and blue together!


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