Saturday, May 23, 2015

trained professionals....

Something I think we need are trained professionals...People who want to work jobs, care and are willing to be trained and get the job completed.... the RIGHT WAY!!!

Trained professionals who work in very serious professions that need the right trustworthy people working in that job position to keep people safe must ALWAYS be trustworthy, smart, articulate people who know what they are doing...not a bunch of redneck hillbillies running very serious professional institutions and doing whatever they want....ruining people's lives, endangering lives, and letting greed consume them.....haha...oh the rednecks in this

something else that is so annoying is just how tough it is to find a good repairman in your area that will not ruin your house or cheat you on getting the task many times we have all had to have work done in the house to repair something and these idiots are clearly not trained right and do not care..and that causes more problems..

you can ask them after they "think" they complete the work you have paid them for:"Hey, why is that not on center or why is that still leaking?" and you get told:"oh that will seal up, or it's right!"....just stupid untrained idiots once again...why pay them for the repairs?...because they will argue with you and take you to court....yeah....they know it all ya know?

health professionals that are untrained and do not clearly care are once again a problem....a serious problem and all those in law professions or those that hold positions in state/governmental jobs who are seriously twisted or untrained...that's also very serious to have those kinds of people running something and they run things in their favor and can endanger MANY lives and ruin lives!...very dangerous and just a bunch of idiots who need to get out of the profession!....

not being a snob....just being annoyed..

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