Thursday, June 4, 2015

pool assembly day 2.......

More sand scooping and hauling today in the truck bed.


think that I scooped tons more sand today than yesterday.....Have the ground level enough and filled in lower areas there....took several hours to get this all completed....

tomorrow morning I will be ready to assemble the pool parts and get it ready to fill with water...will take a few days I'm sure, so I will not stir the water up or use too much water in one day....takes lots of water!

this morning I had more moo troubles and Stormy had to be moved to another pasture with other cows....Goofball wants to go see Stormy and he barks for her and it's sweet he loves her...she will walk to the fence and touch noses with him....they are friends!

having trouble with those thistles that make purple blooms on them in the pasture...they get very tall and while the flower is very pretty it is very sharp all over the thistle......they attract bees and you can smell them sometimes in the air when you walk by them....they smell very good....they will take a pasture over in no time...cows do not eat them either....weed control on those things is necessary I think!

Pumpkin cat has been sleeping at the foot of my bed at night and he likes to have his own blanket that he sleeps on or underneath when the fans are cooling the air at has gotten a lot hotter outside now and I run my ceiling fan and my oscillating fan at night...I like it to be cool when I sleep in the summertime.....

anyway Pumpkin has been getting into the dresser drawer and he catches things with his paw and he takes things from the drawers and hides them I think! I found a pair of my socks and a hair band in the floor underneath the dresser!...haha...he's always doing something like this!

thinking about grilling in a few days outside on the grill...


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