Sunday, June 14, 2015

randomness on a sunday morning....

Still haven't been able to swim in my pool yet! it is raining a that means I will have to treat my pool with the shock treatment before I can swim...I also have many little water bugs...they swim so fast and I try to catch them with the net and they go way underwater!...annoying!....kinda cute little bugs, but they will have to be gone before I can swim....

my cat Tigger (oldest cat) is better now..I called the veterinarian and they recommended a solution to help his constipation....he has something called megacolon and it is a condition old cats he will be ok....I just want to take good care of him, he's been apart of my life for 17yrs.... 

I purchased a few more stickers to add to my sticker collection.

I found:

panda bears
dolphins/sea life

I keep all my stickers sealed and in a plastic's just something I like to collect..nerd I know!...haha!

going to take my Grandma some yellow squash today...I have to check on it everyday in the garden it grows very fast with all the rain recently....

also found a few beets that were ready to be gathered...saving them to make pickled beets.

it's sunday so I will also read in my Bible today...


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