Friday, June 5, 2015

pool assembly day 3....

Woke early this morning when the sun was just rising and I started assembling that darn pool!

it has so many parts to place and find and not destroy when you get mad it doesn't work the way you think it should the first go round!....haha...

I finally completed assembling it 2 hours later and it was I placed the water hose in the pool and let it start filling up with water on low not to stir the water it has been running since this morning on very low...about a foot of water in there now....whew! takes all day and lots of work...

after that I went to town and purchased a few things I was out of in the house and I found the chlorine tabs---3 and I also found the shock treatment--2, to sanitize the  pool weekly with the pool pump going to clean the water...always be sure to clean your pool and sanitize! gotta be clean....

I purchased a larger beach towel to wrap myself up in after I leave the pool for the day and to dry off with..i got a teal, sea green, blue towel that said sand, sun, beach or something like that...anyhow whatever that towel says it was pretty!

a new pair of $5 flip flops just to walk to the pool and keep my feet clean before getting in there...haha!

and then I found American flag pool shorts and t-shirt to shield my skin from the sun...and SUNSCREEN...scared of skin cancer!

and I laugh at myself because I had to have an inflatable pool floatie chair!'s clear with some colors on it....I wanted the sea turtle floatie but ya know he was probably too big for the

Tired---I think I may have a small leak in one side of it...and I will have to repair that tomorrow...that's how it is with these kind of pools they placed a repair patch in the pool here goes more troubles...oh well...haha...laugh it off right?


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