Monday, June 8, 2015

summer farming....

The pool is filling up FINALLY !!!

Can't wait to swim and float on my floatie...swimming is something I really enjoy.

Picked some yellow squash from the garden today...I'm going to cook that tomorrow sometime I think.....I made a potato salad out of some of the red potatoes from the garden...looking forward to some see, gardening is productive...and way cheaper than a store!

had to take my Grandma to the grocery store this morning and I was out of bread and I found a brand of bread I had never seen before and it was called Frontier I read on the back of the packaging and it says it is from the Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas wheat belt...the company is in Texas I think....I really liked that! It supports local wheat family has always farmed crops.

Local farmers should all be appreciated everywhere.

so I purchased 2 bags of bread--one was rye and the other was multi-grain...I liked them both.

2 molasses tubs today for the cows....those things are so heavy they use a forklift to lift them at the feed store...try scooting them off the back of the truck onto the ground in the pasture....heavy!

they are cutting and baling hay out in the hay pastures everywhere lately...looks like my family is going to have to bale hay soon! many things break down sometimes with farming equipment but you know what? baling hay can be one of the most peaceful things to work on with a radio and an open field..

I still like to watch them bale hay at night..i went with my grandpa one time one night and he let me go while he drove all around the hay field one night...I liked that....he tried to show me how to bale with the equipment and I did pretty good! just have to have the lights on at night while driving and if one goes out you got problems!...haha!


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