Saturday, June 6, 2015

pool assembly day 4.....

It doesn't actually seem like Saturday today...weird...

went to town this morning early on an expedition to find a pool repair kit incase the one with the pool didn't work...and I found one for $5 so I purchased 2 for extra if I needed another one.

I returned home and started to work patching up the leak in the seam of the pool it was a manufacturing flaw in the seam and I got into the pool in my swim clothes and set there looking, searching and repairing....

I started to make a how to video on youtube while I repaired the pool because I am so good at this pool patching!.....Haha! gotta love those guys on pool repair videos!....

I started laughing just thinking about myself setting there working away repairing this mess and I could just see myself making a repair video!

all I can say is I hope it works! isn't leaking right now.....

can't fill the pool with water til tomorrow.


I purchased some more stickers to collect this morning also they were just .97/a set....on sale! yay!

The ones I got today are:

Jungle animals
Fall leaves
at the Farm
Lady bugs and daisies
sparkle music notes
musical instruments
Sea creatures
Penguins/Polar Bears and snowflakes

sticker collecting is just something I like as a hobby.

I just noticed today that my beach towel is ombre color...lighter to darker then colors blending in..very pretty! all greens and blues, teal...I like ombre coloring on some looks neat.

hopefully I can restart filling the pool with water tomorrow....


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