Monday, November 30, 2015

christmas items to think about.....

The storm that went through the area is over...Everything was covered in icicles....I felt like I was watching that cartoon called Frozen that I enjoy!

Power went off to the house for most the night and half day on Friday--Saturday....I am so happy that it's over and I can get online again.

Christmas Tree, outside lights and decorating in home------I was able to go ahead and put up my Christmas Tree and decorate in the house for Christmas, while I have been in the house during this weather!....I have my Christmas Tree up and it is decorated...I like both the real and artificial trees...I like the smell of a real Christmas Tree, but often times it gives me asthma and allergies, so I purchased an artificial tree for many years can purchase both if you wish, whatever you enjoy!

Outside lights/decorations----I like to nail up Christmas outdoor lights outside my home and I have a power cord that runs on the power from the house outside on the porch out of the rain/snow/icy weather....I like all colors of the lights and I use a ladder and someone holds the ladder while I nail up the lights with a hammer..i am ALWAYS careful not to drive a nail through the light strand it will ruin it! be careful on the ladders and careful with nailing up the lights with the power always plug in your lights when you are completed nailing them up...I like to test the light strands before I nail them up on the eves of the house or wrap them in the smaller trees outside to make sure they work!...have someone help you so you won't fall or make a mistake...don't hit your hands/fingers with the hammer!....ouchie!

Outside decorations----that light up at night I like to purchase a few affordable ones and they are anything you like to place in your outside many cute ones to choose many people like the lights and decorations I put up on the lawn and house, makes them smile they tell me!..i like that.

Stringing Pop Corn---you can string pop corn for your tree with a needle and thread just be careful and don't hurt yourself with the sewing needle!....tie it off at the ends before you start and when you finish is traditional and affordable to decorate your own Christmas Tree by stringing pop corn!...I like is an old way of decorating and I enjoy it...

Santa Dolls, Snowmen, Angels----I like to decorate with Santa Dolls for Christmas, they have many types of Santas to choose from and I have 2 different ones.....Snowmen are cute and I have many different figurines of snowmen I like to decorate with some are cloth, some are the figurines--all colorful and cheerful...Angels---I think angel statues, figurines, and Angels as Christmas Tree toppers are very cute and precious!...I have many of them and they are cheerful and comforting!...I decorate my Christmas Tree Top with an Angel sometimes or a glittery, lighted Star....they all plug together and are lighted with the power cords...simple and beautiful!

Christmas Tree skirt----I have 2 Christmas Tree skirts that I place underneath the Christmas Tree and that way I can place my wrapped gifts to others on that.....I have a white one that is looks like snow.

Gingerbread House Kits----I like the GingerBread House kits that you can create this time of year...they are complete with all the candies and the icings to make the houses...they are colorful and fun to's traditional!

Christmas Stockings----These are very cute, and you just place many small items in the stockings for boy/girl, man/woman all kinds of things they may like, most stores have aisles that have stocking gifts on them that are small, many to choose from and these have always been fun for me to gift and for me to find in my stocking!....I also have a stocking for my cats and dogs...I like to place treats, chewies, toys in their stockings..they always know they have a Christmas Stocking and try to open it before Christmas!...haha!

Candy Spoons----These spoons are so neato!...They are spoons made out of candy and they are in peppermint, sugar---for hot chocolates/warmed milks, or sometimes honey for your hot teas! you just stir your hot chocolate, milk, hot teas with them.

Cinnamon Bears----I like these!...I have always enjoyed Cinnamon Bears at the holidays and I eat a few of them once every few days.

Red Hots---these are also cinnamon candy and I like these at holidays and to create with these as well.

Candy Canes---I already have purchased my candy canes! I just got red and white for Christmas and to remember the story about the creation of the red and white candy cane for Jesus...Red represents the blood he shed for our sins and white represents purity in Christ....I know many people have many different beliefs in whoever, and I respect that! but I believe in Jesus and I celebrate Christmas every year for his Birthday! they have many colorful candy canes to choose from..they are all nice!

Poinsettias-----These are traditional to hand out as gifts to friends/family, BUT just remember DO NOT let these be near your pets or small children because they are toxic and harmful IF ingested...DO NOT let your children or your pets near these because they can die from them if they ingest them!...they are beautiful red flowers and I like to place them on the counter tops/tables somewhere out of the reach of children or pets! BE CAREFUL with poinsettias and let everyone you gift the poinsettia to know that they are harmful to children and pets if they ingest them...You know how children and pets are always getting into something!....

Christmas Story books and coloring books---I like any kind of Christmas Story book with illustrations that I had when I was a child...Mine were all stolen so I always like to look at these in stores...I like the Christmas coloring books also there are so many of them to choose from and I like them all!....with Crayons/Markers/paint and stickers!

Old World Christmas----I like any Old World Christmas brand of lights, decorations, ornaments, BUT these items in this brand are sometimes unaffordable!...My Auntie has a few of them, she has been collecting for years...They are made from glass, and are very glittery/sparkly/ and colorful and lighted some of them..IF hit or dropped they shatter! so be careful with them if you are able to afford them!...I really like all of them..but geeze they are expensive!...whenever I see them I instantly think about Christmas!...So beautiful!


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