Thursday, November 12, 2015

need new mall...favorite restaurants....

I wish we had a mall that was 2 levels near here!...I'd really like to be able to find more stores to go look in and enjoy a 2 level mall closer here near home (in this area at least!)...I like Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma is very spacious and nice!...It is just too far to travel to Oklahoma City just to experience a ginormous mall like that!..and they're snobby there too often!!!....There would be many more occupations for people in this area if we had a 2 level mall like that and I just don't know why we can't have one here?!!...dream...dream...dream..

This is just for fun!..i was talking to my Grandma yesterday about restaurants she has been to and I have been to...we laugh about all of them that there are in Oklahoma City we have been to, and we have a few of the same ones near here...some are affordable some may be a little too expensive for everyone to enjoy....

but anyway, here's my list of favorite restaurants....

Panera Bread--(good until hillbilly kinfolks ruined it here...well they ruin all of them...*eyeroll*)
Red Lobster 
Rib Crib
Santa Fe Cattle Co.
Lonestar Steakhouse
Western Sizzlin
Jalapeno Tree
Outback Steakhouse
Golden Corral
Dairy Queen
Baskin Robbins---good ice cream!..had one here long time ago..then it disappeared..*sadface*
Ted's Grill
Steak N Shake
Spaghetti Warehouse
CiCi's Pizza
Pizza Hut
Chuck e Cheese
Little Caesar's
Carl's Jr.--I like charbroiled..
Burger King
Red Robbin
Luby's Cafeteria
Romano's Macaroni Grill
Panda Express
P.F Chang's.....little too expensive..
Olive Garden
Jimmy's Egg
CrabTown..any Pearl's restaurant
El Chico


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