Wednesday, November 25, 2015

happy thanksgiving....

Purchased some cinnamon pine cones yesterday at the craft store.They smell very nice.I placed them throughout the house near heat sources and when they warm up it smells like cinnamon.I have always liked these!
Going to be working on creating Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.I can't believe it is already Thanksgiving.
Right now, I am going to thaw the turkey by placing it frozen into the refrigerator in a shallow pan..still in package all day thru the night.. I will clean it and bake it a few hours according to the instructions on the package tomorrow morning early after it is thawed totally...

You have to make VERY SURE that you cook all your meats thoroughly....You need to use a meat thermometer and it should read the temperature that the instructions say it should be on the don't throw away your packaging! Rinse it and place it in the sink and read on it for awhile..then throw in trash..

Follow Instructions.If meats are not cooked properly you can become ill with salmonella poisoning!

ALWAYS bleach/water clean your countertops, sinks and then wash utensils/bowls with strong dish soapy hot water after preparing your raw uncooked meats and after preparing everything for cleanliness and safety from salmonella...very important!

tonight starting about 6pm I will make cranberry salad, pecan and pumpkin pies for tomorrow that way they will already be cooked.
Making dressing the old fashioned cornbread recipe---
make a cornbread from the mix packages
take from oven....crumble all of cornbread in large mixing bowl.
Add 4 cans of chicken broth.
(Saute onion and celery in a pad of butter/margarine in pan to soften before adding)
Add as follows:
chop small onion
2 stalks of celery--chopped
1/4 tsp poultry seasoning
1/2 to whole tsp of sage
1/2 stick of melted butter/margarine
Add 3 chopped boiled eggs if you want..some people don't like eggs, some people do like them added.
Add salt and pepper as you like it.
Mix all of these ingredients well and place in large baking dish in oven.Bake for 35 350 degrees.
My Grandpa likes Giblet Gravy and he can create that's ok but I don't really like anything but plain brown gravy for Thanksgiving....I like the McCormick Turkey Gravy packs you can mix up.
Whipped Mashed Potatoes----I like to create whipped mashed potatoes.I boil about 7 potatoes.Drain/peel them.Mash them with masher.Add milk as needed in small amounts to help make them whipped, as I use hand mixer and whip them.i also add in 3/4 of softened butter/margarine or as much as you like...add salt as you like..some people like lots of salt, some like minimal amount...I like my potatoes to be whipped better than anything else.

I refrigerate all the meal creations in Tupperware bowls/storage containers 15 minutes after everyone has finished the meal...then you all will have safe leftovers to warm and enjoy later.

I listen to Christmas music while I prepare Thanksgiving dinner...haha!...You should always try to keep your dishes/utensil washed as you go through the hours cooking..Keeps clutter out of your way.

Watching the Thanksgiving Day Parades on tv----Is something that I enjoy..I like looking at all the floats, the marching bands, and the colorful character parade balloons.Lots of work and creative people!...I've always liked watching those.

I know that my cats and dogs like to enjoy some turkey at Thanksgiving.So I always let them have some turkey that I remove from the turkey bone.Never let them have any of the turkey meat without first checking for small bones.They can become lodged in their throats and other parts of their body and they can choke or puncture their intestine..So I always make sure that there are absolutely no bones in any tukey I feed them..

Shopping after Thanksgiving---I know that many people will go to the stores and begin shopping after Thanksgiving for items on sale to gift to others at Christmas....they call it Black Friday shopping but I just call it After Thanksgiving Day Wrestling Show....haha!....I won't go ever again.

One time with my Auntie I went out into the chaos of the many crowds of people, and the terrible driving with all the crowded highways and parking couldn't find anywhere to park your vehicle!!! We quickly regretted going!...LOL!...We saw 2 grown men fighting over a game playing console...One man got to the very last game console sooner than the other and they were fighting rolling in the floor aisle!...Haha!...I thought: " Wow, they have wrestling matches at Walmart!" can be idiotic...

You know how stupid people look wrestling in the floor of a store over a game console??! like to watch all that chaos take place, you know they have to...they will stand there and watch people roll in the aisle fighting over an item on sale and laugh....People shouldn't be wrestling in the store aisles! kind and nice, polite in stores at all times...don't behave like wrestlers in a store!...haha!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


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