Saturday, November 14, 2015

catalogs to purchase and order from....

I like to sometimes purchase from different catalogs that have items for sale...You can place an order for a free catalog online by filling in your post office box/mailing address and your name...I have placed orders for several throughout the years....

I have received these free catalogs to purchase/order/shop in-----

Oriental Trading Christmas---I want everything in it!
Oriental Trading Crafts
The Lakeside Collection
Collections Etc.
Carol Wright's Gifts
LTD Commodities

I like to fill out the order forms the old-fashioned way and use my calculator to total up my purchase prices and tax....I just like to purchase a few inexpensive items when I can save back money for them...

Money orders are what I use to pay for purchases with, and I get those at the post office along with a few stamps to mail the order forms in envelopes off in the

they're also fun to look through and think over.


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