Thursday, November 5, 2015

coloring books, coloring pencils, crayolas, shopkins set......

Took round bales out to the livestock yesterday because of cooler weather that may appear...Also fed them a sack of cubes....Need to brush hog a few more areas in the pasture and make it easier to drive through, BUT now we can't because that stupid uncle of mine and his family have "borrowed" the machinery and then called and told my Grandma that they tore it up!....Broke the pin on it!...I get so damn tired of this BS with their idiot ways! My Grandma is mad about it...She just doesn't need to be loaning equipment to a bunch of clowns that are messed up all the time..

somedays, I just don't know anymore....STRESS.

Had to get some clothing soap yesterday and I always like to try and find Tide soap..i went to the local Walmart (where I can find it)....I purchase the smaller bottles for about $8....there are many different clothing soaps that are available, but I like Tide for detergent and either Snuggle or Downy softner...I like any of those with Febreze in them...Febreze is a favorite deodorizer that I spray on fabrics or in the air to remove odors...I like the Febreze Sleep Serenity that you spray on your bedding at night to help relax you, so you can sleep doesn't make me sneeze.. it smells sooooo good! ;)

while at the store I found a few fall d├ęcor items on sale for .75cents/a piece...It was a pretty Autumn towel and pot holder...I thought that was a good bargain!...

I saw many different coloring books to purchase and they were on sale..I like coloring books--all kinds.I like to color and I have many children's coloring books I's just all art and I also enjoy the Adult Coloring books to color...they are mainly shapes/patterns...oh, I like those!...

I have purchased some new coloring pencils..they are all colors and I still have old Crayolas from school in storage so I color with those on the coloring books!....It is relaxing and keeps me kind of calm....I'm stressed all the coloring helps....

I think coloring books, coloring pencils and Crayolas make great gifts to give to others and now that there are Adult Coloring books those are also out there to purchase and gift too! or you can be just like me and purchase a few coloring books and coloring pencils for yourself!...I like the Crayola brand items.

I looked at the Shopkins that are on the toy aisle and I found a collection called the Cupcake Collection...

included in the set were:
Patty Pam
Cake Pop
Pretty Cake Stand
Swiss Roll
Hot Chocco
Little TeaPot
Meltin and Mr.(that's what I call those 2)

Also included was the Sweet Treat Display's really cute and neato!...This set is apart of the Food Fair is the first set I have purchased....I saved back money for this one.


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