Friday, November 13, 2015

disease prevention.....being sanitary and clean...

Too many people make dangerous mistakes with their lives by being unsanitary, unclean, and nasty with things in life and their choices can sometimes cause diseases...It is very sad and I know this happens to many people just because they weren't safe and maybe made the wrong choices because they were messed up on drugs/alcohol or because they were depressed....or because they don't have the education and know how to prevent diseases/illness...

Cholera----Keeping the home clean, when living situations are unclean you can become ill, and maybe their water is nasty and unclean like the disease Cholera from nasty water that needs to be purified and I know many countries have unclean water and that needs to be tended to everywhere to help keep people safer...

Salmonella and others----Food prep needs to always be sanitary and make sure you clean cooking utensils always, and that foods are cooked properly to done and not raw meats, so you will not get salmonella bacteria..awful...just always keep food well cooked and stored properly...when touching foods we should use food prep plastic gloves to keep things sanitary as well....restaurants, food catering..all those...When foods have set out on tables for too many hours they will spoil and they should be thrown prevent salmonella and other nastiness....I have seen that happen in restaurants for years.People need to NOT have Hepatitis/other diseases and work in food prep! ALWAYS wash your hands when you are working in food prep and be very clean with yourself, keep hair pulled back and never cough/sneeze on food or contaminate it when cooking..enjoy cooking and be very clean at all times!

(people always say I am a germaphobe and I always am too clean, washing my hands all the time and bathing, and keeping things everywhere cleaned up..i like bleach and sanitizing EVERYTHING....Go ahead and laugh at me!)

Diseases can be caused from many different things...there are all types of diseases in the world that people can get from unsanitary/unclean situations....We should all try to prevent diseases from going from one person to another by making all things and situations is something that angers/saddens me when people are infected with diseases and they could have prevented it...

Don't be a sleep around!---I know that many people have random unsafe sex....and i don't judge people at all for their choices I don't live their lives!....I have heard about people for years who have been infected with diseases from sleeping with many random people.....and that should not go on when people know they can prevent those diseases by not sleeping with anyone, or by staying true to one love and only sleeping with them forever after being blood tested...We do not need for people to be having random partner sex! they need to stay true to one love they are married to and be a couple forever when they want to...OR just be single and don't sleep with anyone..I will NEVER sleep with anyone until I get married and blood is's too dangerous and nasty to be a sleep around! and it is gross! I have seen way too many people get diseases from sleeping with many is very serious and dangerous.

Blood tests---Before people are married or want to sleep together they should have their blood tested to make sure that each of them DO NOT have any diseases...and when people are in a relationship and sleeping together they should always use condoms and to prevent unwanted pregnancies and unwanted diseases if being's all upsetting and scarey.You can get diseases from body fluids and that can be from any secretion that comes from inside the body or mouth....gross! very dangerous.

Stay true to one love, Or be single!----If you don't want to be single, I think that people are made to be with just one person when in love, to live with and sleep with...just one person for you when in a relationship, I know many people have different thoughts/beliefs and I respect that, but I just know what I believe is how I look at situations from what I have seen go on in others lives...just awful that leads to these diseases----Hiv, Aids, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Hepatitis's, Chlamydia..this should all end with proper prevention and education.

You can get Hepatitis, Hiv/Aids, Hepatitis from unsafe sex, unclean drug needle use(which all drug use should end anyway) and by being drunk or high on drugs/alcohol and not knowing what you are taking part's terrible....AND when you have loved ones who are infected with these diseases you should know that life will change for them and you..You have many things you have to be clean about and know about when living with them or helping take care of them so you will NOT be infected with these diseases...Just because someone is infected with a disease does not mean you cannot hug them or love/care for them...always let them know you care and that you love them!

Tattoo Needles/Shops----another thing that needs to ALWAYS be clean and sanitary are tattoo needles and tattoo shops..they should always be clean and monitored at all times..There should be one tattoo needle for each tattoo ink job and they should be pre-packaged/clean/new...NEVER re-use tattoo needles or share tattoo needles! can get all the blood diseases from sharing tattoo needles....I really like tattoos and although I do not have one, I admire the artwork of tattoos, they just gotta be clean when inking the skin! and remember when you want a tattoo to choose one that you will always want to be on the skin, or you will have to have it laser treated and removed!

just be clean, educated about cleanliness and disease prevention.


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