Monday, September 19, 2016


Good Morning!

I think most people enjoy

Many people cannot wake up in the morning they are so tired from working, and when they have to wake up and be somewhere on time, I know many people live on coffee...Caffeine is what kick starts the day for many....

When I drink some coffee, I like to drink it in a favorite collectible coffee mug....Haha!....I always have to have my neato coffee mugs to drink coffee from....yes, I am a total nerd.....oh, who cares!

I enjoy coffee mostly during the cold weather days with breakfast....

I like the smell of all coffees, it is one of my favorite scents! I just cannot drink a lot of coffee items because they tend to make me jittery, I think it has been from too much stress and worry in my life adding to my sensitivity to Caffeine....but those Double Caffeine!...I have read the Caffeine content on those....too much for me!...

some coffees are way too bitter for me....I enjoy coffee items, but I don't like them too bitter or too sweet...ick!...I like them sweet and regular both....I have seen many people just pour on the sugar, additives, and for those special iced coffee drinks, I saw someone once pour on chocolate chips!...too sweet for me....I enjoy Milk/Milnot small amount of sugar in my coffee....

Cappuccino is another special coffee item favorite of mine, I like to brew it, and place a small amount of sugar, milk, and a small spoon of whip topping on mine....I enjoy it...

Caffeine-free coffee is something I generally have to have, that's IF I can find a nice container of it...we need more Caffeine-free!

Coffees can be:

Instant (add water)
Brewed with machine-Grounds
Pods--quick prepare with machine
Icy Cold Coffee
Beans---to work with machine

Brands of Coffee of all of these types I enjoy are:

Café Bustelo
Maxwell House
Eight O clock
Great Value
Dunkin Donuts
Seattle's Best
Grove Square
Hills Bros.
Sam's Choice
Green Mountain Coffee

I enjoy Coffee Additives, I enjoy many of them...Hazelnut, Caramel, Vanilla are favorites of mine.

These are brands of those I like:

International Delight
Coffee Mate

You can purchase the quick brew machines in stores..some can be pricey..i have seen some at the Dollar Stores.....maybe $20 or so...

there are Cappuccino/Espresso Machines--these are pricey and best for businesses/coffee houses...

These brands of regular coffee machines are out there to purchase...all prices.

Mr. Coffee
Hamilton Beach
Proctor Silex

You need to clean these weekly...follow instructions on box..

REMEMBER  if you drink too much coffee you may not sleep at night at all! can increase your heart beat and that may scare IF you have heart problems you should ask your Doctor before drinking any Caffeine item, including coffees....


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