Saturday, September 17, 2016

frozen lasagna, or homemade.....

I have been wishing to prepare Italian food lately, I always like to enjoy that for a meal this time of year also....

One of my favorites is Lasagna!

I have prepared my own homemade lasagna before at home, you just purchase:

Lasagna noodles--boiled/sprinkle of salt, or oven ready
Cottage Cheese--layer between layers
Hamburger meet--(cooked already thoroughly, small amount of canola oil....amount of you wish.)
Parmesan cheese shreds
Mushrooms--(sautéed in small amount of canola oil, then thrown in the layers.)
Spaghetti sauce
3 cup Bag of Mozzarella cheese (in between layers and plenty to place on top of the completed lasagna.) You could use Cacique Mozarella Cheese for this in shreds...

I like my lasagna cheesy!

depending on how many people you are cooking a meal for, you need to purchase grand sized containers of ingredients or regular can make the lasagna small or grand.

you have to build a lasagna in a square deep set pan...layer all ingredients..this, that, this, that.

some Lasagna noodles you don't have to boil! No boil lasagna noodles---

Barilla, Great Value, Skinner, Heartland are good oven ready lasagna noodle brands.....just place between the layers and bake...

some people enjoy lasagna with cooked frozen spinach added also in between the layers....I enjoy it often.


You can purchase the frozen already made lasagna from the stores...I saw a woman purchase 10 grand sized frozen lasagnas a few years ago for a Lasagna Dinner fundraiser for a baseball team, this woman had a shopping cart full of the grand-sized frozen lasagnas!.... 

I enjoy most frozen Lasagna brands--

Great Value
Marie Callender's
Michael Angelo's

these are in small or grand sizes most often.

Cheesy Bread sticks, plain breadsticks or garlic bread, Texas Toast are almost always there with your Lasagna meal---I like to purchase these from the store, you just Bake them according to instructions...

These brands I enjoy for the cheesy breadsticks/garlic breads---

Pepperidge Farm
New York
Great Value
Red Baron
Marketside Walmart Bakery
Bosco Cheese Sticks/Bread Sticks

I like to have salad with my Lasagna meal and a few canned vegetables.

preparing or purchasing a grand sized Lasagna can be pricey, so you can check the prices and decide if you wish to purchase whatever size or brand....

I enjoy cooking during the fall/winter..many different meals to prepare and try....

Invite your friends/family over and prepare a meal for everyone, everyone can throw in money on the grocery bill, or purchase grocery items and bring them over, and enjoy cooking a nice meal together when you each have! good way to be social.


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