Thursday, September 8, 2016

hero dogs to adopt !.....

I love to care for pets!...And as I always say, I know they are a blessing to your life! You will NEVER find a better pal than your pet...they always love you, care about you, and they need you to always be there for them and love/care for them also!.....

Adopting pets is something I think everyone who is able to, should experience in life, several times!...LOL!......Adopting a new family member that is a pet is wonderful and your life will NEVER be the SAME ever again, it's much better!, once they are apart of your family....Just ALWAYS know and remember that they depend on you for shelter, care, love, food, water, protection from all evil!....They are your family! We are blessed to have them, any pet you have is a blessing to your life...Enjoy all the laughter, friendship, learning, patience, love/care and respect they have to give to your life! KEEP them safe from all harm at all times! Name them something respectful, beautiful, and kind...

These are a few dog breeds that I think are neato and need to be adopted/trained!..They are grand sized dogs and they need to be respected...They are good dogs for working with authorities, we need to keep them safe when on the trail of crime, and when taking down criminals in the field...they are trained to attack, to catch evil people and we need to make sure they are not harmed, and ALWAYS cared for..They are wonderful animals!...Bullet proof vests should ALWAYS be required for these dogs while working for authorities.....We need to be sure they DO NOT get diseases when attacking evil people...I don't know how, but there has to be a way to keep them from ingesting contaminated body fluids when in attack mode for they won't be diseased..Oh it is sadness!!!

Doberman Pinscher

This is a beautiful tall dog that works well with all people, they are very serious and they like to work on things with those who are serious...They need to be with Adults who can command them, respect them, take good care of them...They are aggressive, so I think children DO NOT need to be near this dog....Very gentle when well taken care of, but aggressive, needs to have his own pen to live in, shade, food, water..NEED good homes and owners!..very serious dog, works well for authorities....He enjoys working for the good! Trains well.

German Shepherd

This dog is very playful, they enjoy playing in the back yard.They need to be with a good family that will take good care of them! They need to have their own pen to stay in, with shade, water, food, care......They can be easily trained to work for authorities and help rid the world of evil!..They are often called K-9's they work with authorities, and help end crime.They are a tall dog with very pretty fur!...They make me giggle when they are playful!..They can be rambunctious and they are serious too!....


This dog is a very strong grand sized dog that works well with authorities!..It has very strong jaws and it can clench down on someone and catch them!..They enjoy working to catch evil people and they know when they are working they are bringing goodness to the world!..Very serious and sometimes playful, BUT they need to be with adults only I think, because they can be aggressive and children can sometimes annoy them!...a tough dog...Very gentle at times, but best with an adult to live and work with!....

Pit Bull Terrier

This dog is a VERY strong dog that has very powerful jaws! They are good dogs for attacking and working for authorities!..They are serious, sometimes playful and work well with they need to be with adults only I think, children can annoy them also...they are aggressive and need to be properly trained!...These dogs are good dogs, and plenty need good homes!...They work well for authorities...they need to be in a pen and while not working they need plenty of rest as the others all need rest as well! they sometimes have spots and designs on their white, black, gray, brown, tan.....very pretty.. and tough!


This dog is a good ol dog! are VERY gentle, lazy, they like to work for authorities and go on the trail of evil people....they can scent/smell very well..and when trained they can find everything they are trained for finding....They have very floppy ears and they are all wrinkly and very cute! They are good family dogs and are good with being near children! VERY gentle...Take good care of them! They are good search & rescue dogs, and they can help find missing people and items or whatever...they go on the look for it with their nose to the ground smelling all over, they like to solve crimes and mysteries..and find clues...they make me giggle when they howl/bark.....they call it to "Bay" when they are howling/barking...loudly....LOL...they make me giggle a lot when they bay!....They enjoy being lazy and sleeping on the front porch during summertime.....very cute!.....I have always wished for one, since I was a child....they are good pals!

These dogs are all Hero Dogs..they make a good difference in the world and they help to rid the world of evil...they are good pals to authorities and good pals to you if you wish to have one be apart of your family! Just remember some of these breeds may be aggressive and need to ONLY be with adults (no children there in the home) they need to be well taken care of, appreciated, love/care for them always!

They work with authorities well, and I know many of them need good homes, and the authorities appreciate all the good work these Hero Dogs give to the world!....I just wish they could all have the bullet proof vests while working and keep them safe from diseases while working on attacking evil people...somehow.....I support all of these dogs and I know they make a good difference in our world....

Training these dog breeds is a wonderful way to begin a new work occupation for them, find them good homes, good family to begin a new start at life with, and work for authorities and bring goodness everywhere helping them!


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