Friday, September 16, 2016

the fox.....

I spent last night trying to work on my purse I am creating...I completed sewing the lining and sewing the bottom of the was a challenge with that!

I had a helper last night and he was only making me mess up!!!.....It was Pumpkin cat and he kept slapping at the fabric, trying to grab the strings with his paw, then chew on the strings!!!...Everytime I would sew with the sewing machine I would see a black paw trying to reach toward the fabric and he even caught it and moved it!...It messed up and i had to rip out stitches because he messed it up!...I told him: " Pumpkin! I DO NOT need your help sir! "  he meowed at I had to place him in his pet taxi, so I could sew!" geeze......

i'll complete my purse soon I know, I just need more time....

I was talking to my Grandma yesterday about all the animals that we see rarely in the local wildlife...I can remember seeing a fox with black feet (just like this picture above) in a local small town running into a creek was very beautiful and brightly colored...reddish-orange and the little black feet were so cute!...It was 8 years ago.....I bet he was wishing he could find the countryside....

I can't figure out why we never see them near here anymore, they should be locally everywhere in the wildlife......they wouldn't be bothered in the trees near here.....I DO NOT think they should be hunted or disturbed, beautiful!

Many people enjoy watching local wildlife run free, and I am one of those people, I enjoy wildlife watching and nature.....I like to see their little babies running free...aww!.....cute.

I know that there are many different types of fox I think there is white one in the colder regions of the world...a gray species is also out there..i just have seen the red/orange fox species locally...their black feet are something I think is very unique and interesting....

their babies are called "kits" and they live in dens under the ground, they are known to be wise and they will outfox you!...Haha.....they will hide and you cannot find them....My grandma said she has seen them years ago also on her land running, and then hiding in the trees...I have a few fox fall decorations, I think are wonderful...I just wish I could see the fox running wild again close to home.....they are beautiful.

anyways, I saw this quote yesterday I thought was very nice.

Love is Patient
Love is Kind
Love is NEVER having to say you're sorry.

(Because when you love someone, you NEVER leave them, Betray them, hurt them, or make them cry.) so you NEVER have to say you're sorry for anything!....Life together should be wonderful + I love you!


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