Tuesday, September 6, 2016

fall decorating for home / business......

I have been decorating for the Fall season the past 2 days....It is one thing that makes your home comfortable, cozy, calming, unique when you decorate....You don't have to decorate for the seasons, it is just something I enjoy!

I decorate every season that arrives outdoors, I just sort of bring it all indoors!....lol....

It just looks nice for your home, apartment, work, business...I miss seeing all of the local businesses everywhere decorated so beautifully....They need to find some decorations and place them all over the business store fronts, windows....it is very whimsical to do so!....Brings back the charm of a town....They are nice to look at and see!

You can find the Fall decorations many different stores, all prices.

Hobby Lobby
Dollar Tree
Dollar General
Family Dollar

You can find them in those stores I know....check the prices before you purchase them.

I decorate with:

Fall Leaves in strands
Black Cats
Candy Corn painted items
cute Witches
Golden-Orange Sunflower décor
Black and Orange/Golds
Fall Wreaths
Light strands
Hay bales
Corn stalks
dried corn on the cob
any small décor statue that is fall season I can find on sale.
Fall season snow globes with scenes.

anything fall you can find on sale at any store and you can afford it, is good to purchase when you wish to decorate your home, apartment, business.....I have collected many over the years, and I take good care of the decorations...I wrap them in old newspapers yearly, and store them in plastic storage boxes from the Dollar Stores.......

I decorate all over my home, I like every room to be clean, smell wonderful, be nicely decorated for each season...when I am relaxing at home, I enjoy and appreciate looking at the decorations I have placed everywhere, hang them on the wall, set them on a table, drape them over tables/pictures/hang them on doors, they even have them for outdoors IF you can find them....  

dish towels + pot holders sets, tablecloths, soap dispensers in seasonal characters I enjoy all of those, those are fairly inexpensive all decorated for the seasons...I like to purchase those to make home even more comfortable and whimsical.....I like things that are colorfully decorated and unique....

you don't have to decorate, I know that!...I just enjoy it every season, makes me happier to see them in my home, setting there adding to the fun of the seasons!


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