Thursday, September 1, 2016

sewing supplies.....

I went to town yesterday looking for fabric to sew with and create a purse with for the Fall season, it is a creative idea that I have worked on years before when I purchased a sewing purse pattern from a store....

I found my fabric and I just need a few other notions for it and I can get started to work on will be different and unique, cute, and created by me and my own idea, that is the most fun of it all after completion, I myself created this!....I like sparkles, sequins, beads....make it fun and beautiful!

I like it when people make homemade items.

Sewing clothes is something else I have worked on before with my Grandma, you have to find the patterns that fit your size and then go home, cut the pattern from the paper with scissors, and place onto the area of your body you are sewing takes practice and READ INSTRUCTIONS!...don't give up! is a challenge...start with small patterns or sewing ideas first, then work on clothing if you want to challenge yourself...

Sewing lessons would be good for people.

these are the Sewing Pattern brands I have purchased before:

Kwik Sew

many other sewing pattern brands available I'm sure all prices, some may be pricey....

You can make clothing, blankets, costumes...hand sewn critters(animals) out of fabric, rabbits, cats, snails, dogs, cupcakes, hearts, anything you can think of you can make a hand sewn critter out of fabric..(this is Country Charm).there are also patterns for these...these are fun...old-timey.

Quilting and embroidery are also sewing ideas for fun creative work, you can create these for your friends/family, yourself....Sewing takes time and practice, it may be good to take lessons from an instructor, never give up! family has taught me to sew for years, it is challenging and you need to have plenty of supplies to work on sewing...I like the idea of sewing and crafting circles for people, those would be fun ways to be social in towns/cities with like-minded people together to learn and sew!

Embroidery you can create beautiful pictures on embroidery fabric, find a kit, and work on smaller kits first then you may wish to challenge yourself if you enjoy it and have extra time...DMC thread is available in grand sized packages, it has many color hues to purchase...a many stores..very pretty colorful threads....

Sewing is good for you I believe, if you focus on it as a craft/art idea you can relax and calm down, forget your worries for while..challenge yourself....Men and women enjoy is art!

Sewing is also an old-timey tradition and I think that is very wonderful to keep it going and let people know it is a good skill to clothing, make blankets or even coats, sweaters, other clothings...have fun! be creative.

Aunt Martha's is a iron on transfer that you iron onto fabric and the outline of the picture is inked onto the fabric you choose to place it to....These are fun I have a few packages of these in the yellow package they have books also at the stores...You can embroidery these on kitchen flour sack type towels, OR you may wish to paint them onto clothing or a fabric you enjoy...very creative!

Monograms are others ways to embroidery initials onto items, or designs and you can also find those with sayings on them you can embroidery...I enjoy monograms I think they are very clean and neato!...I like sayings that are quotes, you can think about them, and one I like is the C.S. Lewis monogram it is Christian and I think there are quotes to monogram/embroidery for this, if not they should create some! something different.

I even saw Christmas Stocking sewing kits, and hand sewn fall wreath kits....challenging but beautiful...available now to create before the seasons are here!

Sewing supplies needed to sew are many! There are available small sewing kits you can get started with in a small box Dritz sewing kit is the brand, these are affordable...

Sewing Supplies you may need:

Sewing machine and supplies for repairs
Hand sewing needles with spools of thread
Pin cushion
Tape measure
Ruler for fabric
Seam Rippers-for mistakes
Colorful Ball Point Top Sewing Pins--to secure fabric in place.
Fabric Cutting Mat
Bobbers for sewing machine
Rotary Fabric Cutter
Safety Pins--for quilting
Hoops--for Sewing/Quilting
Needle Threader
Velcro, Zippers, Buttons, Sequins, small beads--to adorn with
Magnifying glass
Embroidery thread
Quilt batting
Fusible backing

Brands I enjoy for many of these sewing supplies:

RIT dye, Dylon dye
Heat n Bond
Ez Craft n sew
June Tailor
Mountain Mist Quilt Batting
Poly-fil Polyester Fiber Fill

The crafting stores are good places to find many other sewing supplies, kits, crafting supplies and kits for those as well...oh, I enjoy them all!

I especially like the craft stores:
Hobby Lobby

I could shop for hours in those stores!...We just need many more of them available to everyone in all areas and I wish we had more way on the other side of some towns locally....People need these stores, many, many people sew and helps with stress, creates more beauty sometimes, helps people to be social in a good way...

crafting and quilting groups would be wonderful for people in all areas and a good way to meet others and be social in town at least one weekend a month or, have refreshments, try out new sewing/craft supplies for purchase, talk about skills of sewing, teach sewing classes, all kinds of techniques...sounds fun to me!


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