Wednesday, September 7, 2016

have to be tough....

I don't like snobs.

I don't like annoying people who think they are better than everyone and everything and snirl their noses and belittle others who are not as wealthy as they are....EVERYONE is EQUAL....nobody is better than another......but I think we're all better than snobby big wheels!

They try to ruin everything they see, ruin people's lives, spit in people's faces and yell:" Don't you know who I AM!...I AM  VERY IMPORTANT!".....I own this and that, I am successful and powerful!".....I always eyeroll and think: " Yeah yeah, nobody cares, *yawn* we've all heard it a zillion times before idiot! NOBODY gives a damn what the hell you have! shut-up! Sick of hearing it!" annoying!

Those snobby, nasty, dangerous big wheels are the most annoying, whiney, pathetic pieces of crap in the world....I am so damn tired of the snobby crowd...I don't give a damn how much money they have, I wouldn't talk to them or be nice to them for anything, the way they treat others!....I don't care what they own or have or how powerful they are, I hate snobs!....that sh*t doesn't impress me.

The snobby crowd all are nothing but TRASH themselves who go all over everywhere looking their snotty noses down on those who don't have any money...They set there and make fun of them, belittle them, then want to use them for nastiness, talk about all their poverty and laugh and make money off of their misfortune, I've heard all about it!.....Sick and Sad...

So whenever a snobby big wheel runs their mouth off making fun of others who they think are trash, just laugh because that Bigwheel is TRASH him or herself!.......Just trash with money!....They get nervous about things they are involved in and think something is going to happen to them, because those people MIGHT know what they're up to!....I just laugh!.....

I DO NOT put up with all that bragging, all that nasty behavior, all that making fun of others!!!...I cannot stand people who are nasty trash themselves with money hurting others, using others, keeping nastiness and evil funded in the world!....Those pieces of sh*t need their heads blown off!!! sick of them! they RUIN EVERYTHING GOOD!

A person has to be very TOUGH to live in this world and you have to keep fighting back against these idiots like this to stay safe!..they are powerful, they have zillions, they think they are better than everyone and they want to use people in poverty for their nastiness, they keep using others to make them money, to keep funding evil....They'll all be out in public donating to the churches, attending church, being oh so fake and friendly to put on a show for others in the community to distract from what nastiness they have money in/and are involved in!...I know how they all fake and nasty!...pathetic!

these snobs are all a bunch of whiney babies, cowards themselves, they have to have others work for them to do their bad deeds and all their dirty work.....then they collect the money!....They just walk all over the poor man, woman, child, anything they can use, they don't care, and they'll use is sick and upsetting! went on for far too long!

I don't care how much money someone has, all that matters is that you have a kind soul, and are constantly trying to bring goodness to the world.....that's ALL that matters.

People have to keep battling against the evil in the world and battle against this snobby big wheel corruptness in the world!...Don't stop trying to end them, because they take their money and rebuild their nasty in the world...they're all creepers!..icky!

A person can't ever give up and just let them win, they will knock you down to the ground and try to regain power over you and the world...Don't be a damn pansy and let them take over...just get back up and kick ass and take names!...who's next?!..Because there is always another idiot to take down!....

You have to keep battling these nasty corrupt snobs, because they can harm your loved ones, so we always want to NEVER give up on anything that will help to end something evil!

nothing worse than nasty trash with money..annoying, bragging all the time, think they're better than everybody!..*eyeroll*

I am so damn tired of all that snobby BS. Nobody cares! Damn!


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