Thursday, January 12, 2017


Going to have some bacon for breakfast this morning.....I always have to have something for breakfast before I start the day.....

I enjoy having breakfast with others, waking up early, and meeting others somewhere for coffee for the morning, or just staying home and preparing it there....

Bacon fried in the pan, then placed on folded paper towels, setting on a plate, then place more paper towels over the bacon and pressing it to remove grease is something I always make sure of!....

Bacon is good for many other can cause cholesterol problems for your blood n heart, so I only have bacon every so often.....

BLT----bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich...mustard with mine!
Bacon crumbles---for baked potato, or on hamburgers
Bacon n eggs, with toast, or as side with waffles/pancakes good with maple syrup!

I enjoy the smoky flavor, wood smoked

Bacon brands I like:

John Morrell
King Cotton
Hormel Black Label
Sam's Choice 
Chuck wagon box bacon
Corn King

All good bacon brands...most affordable

Salt pork is also available, good for placing a piece in a cooker of pinto beans for seasoning.


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