Sunday, January 1, 2017

changes in your life for the better.....

I know the year is all new now, and I know that everyone has the chance to start over in a way with their life...

People talk about things they wish for with a new year and there are so many things you can start over new with your life that you wish to change and make better!

simple things that I need to STOP with myself are:

Nail biting
being over critical of myself
missing people
more rest
listen to more music

Many people have other things they wish to work on with themselves....I know that could include----

getting rid of vices that you know are terrible for your body and your entire life surroundings....

saving money
cleaning more
stop arguing
be good to your loved ones
being a better friend
spending more time with those you love & care for
spending more time with your pets
resting more
looking for new friends/pals
Being a better spouse/Boyfriend/Girlfriend
being better parents
being better children kids! :)
having better outlooks on life
having hope
being more silly, more laughing!
being more peaceful
trying to be a better person
be more charitable
attend church more often
play more music!
help more pets find forever homes
schedule more events for everyone to enjoy
try to be kinder, friendlier, happier person
don't be so upset, down, sad, angry
show NO abuse to anyone or anything

anyways, that is what many people wish to change and work on with themselves and their lives....When you wish to make those good changes in your life and change ways about yourself to the better, YOUR life will become much more beautiful and have goodness, we have to keep trying to be better....

I always think it is good to work on ourselves to be better people for the world & our loved ones, and to bring peace and goodness every day, month, year we are here on earth!.....

striving to change the world for the better, showing we care about others, animals, and the world as a whole is something we ALL need to work on.

we ALL need to work together to create peace and help the world to have much goodness everywhere.

Here's hoping to a better year this year....

I know that tomorrow I will watch the Tournament of Roses parade on tv...I adore the flowers on the floats and how beautiful and creative they are..A lot of wonderful work these people have completed!


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