Saturday, January 21, 2017

peanuts, peanut butter......

Peanuts have many uses.....they are often a food allergy for some.....I am NOT allergic to peanuts, I have allergic reactions to many items, but not nuts or/peanuts....

I grew up helping to work in peanut was a lot of work helping, and almost everything was peanuts, or was covered in peanut sand from the fields!.....haha

Peanut butter is something I enjoy....

Brands I have enjoyed:

Peter Pan
Peanut Butter n Co.----all flavors
Smart Balance
Smuckers---plain or the one with jam also
Reese's---like the candy in jar
Great Value
Best Choice
Shur Saving
Always Save
Market Pantry

Peanut butter candies/bars I enjoy most of them.
These are nice:

Reese's cups, n mini cups
Chick o sticks
Reese's pieces
Nutter butter
Nutroll bar
Chocolate peanut clusters
Peanut butter M n M's
Boston baked beans
Cracker Jacks
Fiddle Faddle
Goo-Goo clusters
Big Chunk bar
Clark bar

Dry peanuts are good, salted or glazed/seasoned....they are nice with a soda----Coke/Dr. Pepper!....

Brands of these----

Great Value
Market Pantry
Best Choice
Family dollar, dollar general--clover valley

In shell peanuts:
Frito Lay

Some may enjoy them boiled...Peanut Patch is a brand

Ya know, I really enjoy often a simple peanut butter n jam sandwich with a glass of milk.....very good!...they call it a PB and J sandwich....

Peanut butter "Kiss" cookies, and the plain peanut butter cookies are nice to prepare, and I enjoy those with a glass of milk also!..

Peanut patties--- these are a fave of mine...homemade! We prepared these with fresh peanuts from the field after harvest----a good candy IF you can find fresh peanuts, and affordable ones!....

Many times, I know restaurants may use peanut cooking oil, to fry with, but it can be too harsh for cooking with.....that's just me though, others need to try that oil for cooking themselves....


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