Thursday, January 26, 2017

good changes.....

I know that everything changes, with time passing many things change in our lives daily as the clock ticks away!....

Many people are fearful of change, don't wish for changes to occur in their lives.....I happen to enjoy change, when it creates laughter, goodness, stops evil, relieves stress, sadness, anger!!!

Changes that occur in life are many, everything changes and we have to accept that and go on, most times we cannot disrupt it....even though we may not ever like this.

Bad things can happen that cause problems in our lives and instantly this causes upset, stress, annoyance, and that is when we are in turmoil and have to accept the unwanted changes that happen because of this....I always hate this part! 😢

We always must know when we have too much negativity within ourselves, bad outlooks on all things, and we only wish to cause disarray, stay too wiped out, not wish to be better people......well, that only causes our lives to be much worse! Those bad ways keep causing more grief..... You just can't only stops you.

I know that too often nothing good ever happens for any of us, I have had my share of strife, upsets, depressing dark days where I have wished to easily give up.....and I still hope for better changes, better days....

I'm just like everyone else, you have days and days of no hope, just misery, and you can easily not wish to go on.....everybody goes through these feelings.....seems as though only bad changes occur....I'm thinking:"Damn! Life, I need a break with this constant mess!" I guess I am just crazy enough to keep going on, and NEVER give up!....haha

Good changes can happen, and you can help make them happen, when every time, you find, create, or bring goodness to your life and the world-----have better outlooks on have to constantly work to make good changes within yourself, your surroundings, and the world.....just try.

Finding a way to create change for yourself would be getting rid of all nastiness, evil, or vices that cause you to be evil, or cause you to bring only negativity to the world, yourself, constantly working on all of our mental health issues, and ridding our lives of all BS helps to create those good changes to occur!......I think it helps.

Even though things look hopeless often for us all, NEVER give up on life, and NEVER STOP trying to create good changes.....hopefully, things will be better soon.


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