Wednesday, January 11, 2017

locking doors....

Keeping your doors and all entryways to your house locked is something we should always remember.

Other areas we need to inspect for safety concerns would be keeping all vehicles, mail boxes at post offices locked/secure....I have heard way too many stories from people about home invasion, mail tampering, and auto theft.....all terrible and upsetting.

I know that we all need to secure everything for safety everywhere all the time.....just because of stupid idiots behavior/ways......theft, home invasions are all terribly upsetting, dangerous, sickening!

Only have keys made to open doors, cars, mailboxes at post office given to your trustworthy family/others who dwell there at the home with you....You can have keys made a few for those inhabitants of your home...

Businesses all need to be locked/secured as well....only the work teams should know all the securities to access the business for work....

Security is needed often for many places and we need to keep these places locked when we leave every time...I know many hillbillies like to pilfer through any home or any place they can steal something!!!..... :(

Home invasion is terrible and that has went on for many years locally....I have been terrified of it always...I have been checking doors, locking everything before I leave my whole life....these hillbillies near here cannot leave anyone or anything alone.....upsetting/stressful!

I have always had issues with myself and checking, then re-checking locks on the home, locking my vehicles and going back about 25-bazillion times checking them, because of worries, stress, nerves....afraid of those losers coming back all the time to steal, pilfering, cause chaos.....sick of it!

We need to just keep things tidy and secure at all times, just remember to keep an extra set of keys with you at all times and do not lose them....

I saw a post office box once that was open with a key interior it, unattended and I thought about that yesterday while there.....I purchased a book of stamps they had winter birds or snowflakes for is fun to see all of the colorful stamp pictures...yes, I am a nerd!!! Haha

Randomness-----I just giggle about my latest fascination with Pringles potato chips!


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