Tuesday, January 3, 2017

music headphones.....

Oh! I have got a bad, painful ear infection....That is NO way to start out a new year... *sad face*

It is so very funny that I am wishing to start listening to more music, and listen to many more songs on my music players...I cannot really listen to music with a bad ear infection...I think it is still part of that nasty flu bug...I have heard that many people have ear infections...I am taking medicines for it....hope it goes away soon! :(

I adore music of all kinds and it so very tempting to just be lazy, relax, and get lost in a song or maybe even fifty songs!....I enjoy singing along with the headphones that are over my ears or placed in my ears......

Ear buds I have enjoyed many year now....they simply are placed into your ear....some are very pliable like a marshmallow!....lol...these are good! and some may be tough plastic, you just plug these into your music players that have ports for ear buds/music headphones and then listen and play your music albums/songs....I have several pairs and they may be in plain colors or just regular.....

Ear bud brands I have enjoyed are all prices some may be affordable or some pricey whichever you can afford.

these brands---
MEE Audio
NAXA Spark

Now the headphones I enjoy a lot and they just are placed over your ears and extend around your skull...these I like to rest and listen to right before I go to sleep for the day...AND I enjoy listening to them all the time as the ear buds also.....BOTH are wonderful and I have always purchased both the headphones and ear buds....I use these and I have worn so many pairs down, then I purchase another set!...lol...You know me I adore music!!!....

Headphone brands I enjoy also are:


Headphones are in colorful hues also or the plain...both are just a nice & comfortable!....some may be softer on your ears and others more of the plastic that is tough..i have used & purchased both..they just let you listen to music closer to your ear and nobody else can really hear it and be disturbed by it being to loud....JUST don't turn the volume up to loud and hurt your ears/hearing!!!

I believe that music is something we ALL need in our lives to help us through painful upsets, inspire us, make us dance, and to have an emotional connection to a song to make us feel a certain emotion.....those are the best!

Go and find any kind of music you think you would enjoy, purchase it, and start listening to it, a song could change your life, make you laugh, cry, inspire you!

even just driving down the highway listening to your radio in your vehicle is fun....sing a long!..i enjoy the local radio stations to drive along to, and sing to...been listening to them since forever!!!....haha!.....

AND you can listen to your radio in your home...those are just as nice...

OR go an attend a music show, concert, performance of your choice, take a long your friends/family and be safe! have fun!


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