Friday, January 13, 2017

smalltown, items available locally......

I have been thinking about how in times when we are hurried or rushed, and you have not many items you need quickly, it is an inconvenience often for people when those items are not close by!

Having local businesses with items you need closer to you, would be very helpful and less of a hassle....

Fuel prices, driving long distance to find those items can be a problem....just when you need an item or two right now and you live in rural areas....

Something as simple as groceries, fuel, medical, or items for living in general....these all need to be readily available close by the small towns or rural areas you dwell near....would be better, create more work for local people....all would benefit in these areas!

Small towns are wonderful places to live....they all have history, simplicity, charm, and quieter than cities, better than looking at boring ol' buildings all day and stressful driving!

Small towns are often isolated/very far from many businesses/supplies that are needed....many small towns are run down/abandoned and need attention, beautified, added to, to create small-town charm, uniqueness, and have all things locally available many people living close by need can save lives, save time, create work in these beautiful rural areas!

Small towns also need good businesses for wholesome entertainment, where not much mischief goes on! We need more innocence, cuteness, goodness, all over the world!....NO more nastiness or creepiness!....icky!....sick of that in the world!

If you wish for a simpler, quieter life, there are always zillions of small towns everywhere to move to, start over your life in...bring with you goodness, or your own unique ideas for a small-town....create them back up..restore n renovate!....have fun.

Creating businesses that help others, and help with local economy are always good, when so many locals need things readily there so you don't feel rushed or have to travel far...and need work...

Small towns should be unique and wonderful.

I adore the rural, small-town life...quiet/peaceful.


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