Monday, January 23, 2017

pets, time out !!!......

One way that I know of to calm, and stop pets from being out of control, and behaving improperly, is to take part in something called a time out!

My pets are always causing troubles, wrestling, breaking items, creating messes, or fighting, aggravating me at night and waking me every 5minutes!

Sometimes lately they pee/poop in the floor and I awake to that sound in the other room, I have to clean that with cleaner on carpet, while I am half-awake at I tell them how nasty/disrespectful they are.....those cats have litter box to use and they know that!....lazy, bad cats....I tell them.....or they meow all night!

The cats are always fighting, sleeping, being messy with their food bowls.....I don't know how they can have food all over the floor near their looks like a pig feeder! clean that mess everyday.

they scratch in the litter box and kick out litter everywhere....or pee out of the litter box...onto the newspaper I have placed underneath the litter box for that purpose.....

Pumpkin cat, is always wrestling with my Rocky cat(the gray cat)....he pins him to the floor and they wrestle, everyday! and run down the hall, hopping onto the top of the refrigerator, Rocky cat leaps off the top of the refrigerator and almost sails in the air to a food prep table in the kitchen...and we have to clean it! time out!

we always have to place them into their pet taxis or place them in the room where their litter box, water, feed bowls are and close the door....that's what I call a proper time out! For their awful behavior!...EVERY time that we prepare meals/cook we ALWAYS place pets in their pet taxis til after we are through cooking/enjoying meals----we clean always before/after.....

My cats dig in drawers and remove items, run down the hall carrying items with their teeth they find, lose them, Pumpkin cat will jump up onto door tops and set, one time he tried to jump into the ceiling fan!!!...yikes!...I had to get him down.

IF I had a dog dwelling in my home it would have bathroom pads and be trained to go bathroom outdoors on leash/collar......OR trained with those puppy dog bathroom pads....Hartz is a good brand of those.

Goofball has his house outdoors, he is well taken care of outdoors and is safe/monitored.....BUT.....Goofball can be unruly, too excited, he likes to jump very, very high, and often too scratchy on my side or arms when I feed him, I have to be careful, and make very sure he does not scratch my face/ eyes!!!...yikes....he needs to calm down, and just give hugs, stop jumping/scratching!!!......Often he will take hold of my clothing and try to chew on sleeves or shirt ends, as a chewie!!!he has torn some of my coat sleeves....I tell him:"No, bad Goofball!"......Sometimes, he's something else....

Time out! is something that I know is required when you have unruly pets that are not behaving sometimes, so kennel/pet taxi them 30minutes or place in their room where water, feed, litter box is, close door.....ALWAYS, have time out while cooking, preparing meals for cleanliness!


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