Tuesday, January 17, 2017

pancakes for breakfast.....

Pancakes for breakfast!

I enjoy pancakes every so often for breakfast, with bacon, and a glass of milk....syrup is good, with a small pad of margarine onto the top of the pancakes....

It is easier when rushed to just purchase the pancake mixes, and mix those...some just add water or milk and then drop by spoonful into a good cooking pan....non-stop, cast iron skillet, or my fave to cook them on----a griddle.

Buttermilk pancakes are my fave, or you can go to the local IHOP/Wafflehouse pancake restaurants with friends, and have some early morning laughs at 2am with the local messed up clowns!!!.....haha and enjoy the menu there.....

I cook my pancakes in margarine...

Pancake mix brands I enjoy are:

Shawnee Mills---oklahoma!...lol
Hungry Jack
Betty Crocker
Great Value
Birch Benders
Kodiak Cakes/Frontier

Maple pancake syrup is good on pancakes.
There are many brands I enjoy....some I can think of right now are:

Great Value
Hungry Jack
Log Cabin
Market Pantry

For those with health troubles often they may need Buckwheat pancakes with sugar free syrups....those are also available....


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