Sunday, January 15, 2017

have some class....

As human beings on this earth, we all have responsibilities....and that requires that we all need to know how to behave properly, and to know the ways to be caring, wise, responsible people, so that we can always bring goodness, and keep the world in proper working order....

I have seen n heard about so much repulsive nastiness with people, and it is upsetting.....many people have no manners and need to be cleaner, tidier, have better hygiene! Better know how, I know many people have had no one there in their lives to train them to be classy, but we all need to step it up and try being better....

I know many people don't have much money, but we need to try always to be kind, cleaner, dress without showing off our bodies, no more vulgarity, calm down, don't be bed hopping, settle, show respect, not just to ourselves, but to others!

If you have been a bad person, you can start over! Try to bring goodness always.... I respect all.

I always think others look sooo nice, cleaned up, sober, and being gentlemen and ladies.....something wonderful!

Ways that are classy:

Being sober through rehab
Hygiene--bathe, brush teeth, smell wonderful.
Bathing/Clean up!
Dress---show off no body areas
Take care/love/respect loved ones
Be Holy...take religion serious
No more vulgar talking/ways---offensive!
Hold open doors everywhere for others
Say hello, thank you, please, yes ma'am, yes sir
Smile, laugh, be friendly--always
Proper ways at meals to behave
End jealousy!
Dress properly for serious events, I wear black-show respect
No more abuse to anything/anyone!!!
Be responsible
Don't be
Be helpful...for goodness
Don't behave as trash....haha
Save money
Be charitable when u can.
Don't be biased toward anyone
Know we are all equal, and all count!
No theft/stealing---needs to END.
Care/love and adore----your everything!
Be a lady, be a gentleman....Know you can start over! Try!

We ALL need to step it up, start over, have class!

Represent yourself to the world as classy...we need to try for better always.

Clean it up.


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