Thursday, January 19, 2017

those hurt feelings, made up lies....

People can be sooo cruel, unappreciative, hateful, mean....the list goes on and on....being kind to people to only have them be mean to you is something that often happens to everyone.

Whenever this goes on, it can cause upset feelings, or cause you to be hurt, after you have NO kindness returned to you! I can think of a zillion times I have been very thoughtful, kind, nice to many people, and they would be nice to my face, then as soon as I left they would, talk mean about me, make fun of me, or belittle whatever gift I may have been nice, thoughtful enough to gift them for whatever event/day it was in their life....Oh, that's all??? Eye roll....

ANYTIME, that someone is kind, thoughtful, sweet enough to gift you a gift ALWAYS show appreciation, no matter what it is, gift, or kindness, so many people have hurt feelings, depression because of snobby behaviors from spoiled nasty bratty people!

That is very disgusting, rude behavior from unappreciative others!!! Everyone has had hurt feelings after being kind to someone, then being treated cruelly afterward, sometime in their is awful!

Often people create lies/false tales about others and gossip the lying, creepy stories everywhere, to cause disarray in someone's life, very false disgusting, weirdos will make up lies and talk them to others, because you are a good, kind, person, not involved in their nastiness!!!....they are jealous!...oh, I have heard them all for years about me!!!....sick weirdo perverts lying nastiness!!!...I sure didn't know I had taken part in all that!!!....Lord help us all!...

so just laugh about that AND make up some lies and tell about them!!!, you don't have to create false stories about those types of idiots, they are trash anyway!.....they already have true nastiness they have really taken part in......just giggle about them...they ruin themselves and wanna blame somebody else for it!...just laugh at them...they start spinning those we go! know they will start in with the lies and it's not fair crap....haha!

Just tell those weirdos----Well, so and so, you made that up about me, and I think you are the one that is really already taking part in that!!!.....tell them that and watch them squirm....they get mad! Tell them what nasty lying jealous trashy people they are! They sure don't like that....haha! Because they know that is true!

When you have your feelings hurt like this, pay no attention, NEVER talk to them again, and go on, I have had my feelings hurt many times, but I just laugh and go on, they are the ones who lose, someone kind from their just walk away, I never look doesn't bother me anymore....I am strong.I do not care what trash thinks about me.....haha

NEVER hurt someone's feelings, it is disgusting behavior to intentionally hurt a kind, thoughtful person.

You are mean to kind people?....that mean will go right back to you over and will ruin your life.


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