Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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Nails of hands, and feet always need to be tended to...

There are so many people with terrible looking toe nails + finger nails...feet / hands....I know my finger nails are awful because I chew on my nails....nerves, stress !....many others also have this issue....I have always chewed on my nails, even as a child, so I have no need to talk of looks of other's nails ! ....haha....

I keep my toe nails cut with a manicure set, nasty toe nails make me puke !....icky !....I have seen some of the nastiest toe nails at my hometown, those people didn't need to be showing off that nasty mess...puke !....lol...the things I have seen with people....gross !

Keep all nails shaped, trimmed, cut...take good care of your nails, diabetes people need special care of the feet, so see professional....all nail shops need to be very clean / sanitary...important, serious ! You can be afflicted with diseases easily ! Health department inspection / codes..needed to be strict !

Manicure and pedicure sets you can purchase at most stores affordable..brands as:

Oleg casini
Sally Hansen

Found at Wal-Mart, dollar stores, dollar tree, Target, Sally's beauty supply stores...

Nail polishes are fun, I like using the glitters, confetti, shapes, rhinestones, sequins, beads, all nice, sparkles, beautiful...

Some nail polish brands are too pricey, but most affordable.
Brands I have seen:

Essie, unaffordable
Opi, unaffordable
Salon Perfect
Sally Hansen
Wet n wild
Sinful colors
CND Vinylux

All found at Wal-Mart, dollar stores, Target, Sally's Beauty supply stores, Ulta, Sephora, Kohl's, SteinMart, Kmart, nail huts at malls, most stores -- all prices.

Remember clear polish to coat over the top of your nail polished nail, very glossy ! Nice, keeps color on there much easier when used....dry first, then use clear polish over the top of nails...

Nail art is a lot of work, very creative, time consuming, nice to wear, look at....I have seen many forms of nail art work being set, the two I find interesting right now are 3 - D, and the water holding sparkled fish bowl nails !....very creative and artsy ! Beautiful..

Kiss is a nice nail art brand, with glitters, stones, pictures, etc...fun...

You may wish to have a nail art party, invite your friends over girls, and work on nail art !..be clean, use / bring your own nail tools !!! Very serious, you can contract disease easily, so best to be sanitary, use own tools,...

you can purchase the nail sets to glue onto your nails from stores...shape and form them...Wal-Mart, walgreens, Sally's beauty supply stores, Target, dollar stores, I have purchased the false nail kits with glue in the box from these stores....

--- I like using these false nails, sometimes, I prefer them just short square - cut...never too long, can harbor bacteria and be unclean if way too extended nails ! Yikes....nasty !

--- French manicure in the normal, natural colors is a fave of mine ! These are the false nails..I enjoy painting, all nails, on my feet and hands, looks much nicer, cleaner ! I like the glitters, seasonal pictures...most all nail art.

I think getting your nails worked on by professional is nice, but you can also create, work on them yourself with everything you need, maybe cheaper cost....people waste way too much money on nails by professional shops...can be pricey often....many bills to pay already !

Many people may suffer from unhealthy nails, nail fungus treatments are also available, to help end health issues with all nails....many treatments out there.

Fun with nails !


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