Friday, April 7, 2017

easter candy !....

Easter is soon...I am very excited, this month for easter and all the fun it brings...looking through the candy aisles in most stores...I see all kinds of pretty candies....these are nice to gift, and enjoy...celebrate with.

I adore the cute of easter, the pastel colorful items, spring season...and the religious celebration for Jesus !

-- Chocolate candy rabbits are always fun...decorated neatly, tradition, I have always enjoyed how each has a character name ! Palmer, Russell Stover, meltser, Hershey, all have chocolate candy rabbits -- all sizes, most affordable.

Find at Wal-Mart, target, dollar stores...Most stores
These easter candies are nice !

Cadbury eggs -- all
Reese 's peanut butter eggs, palmer
Easter candy filled plastic canes with character tops.
Candy coated sunflower seeds- sunny seeds, sunbursts
Whopper robin eggs, mighty malts
Christian candy corn, prayer hands, chocolate crosses.
Snickers eggs, Twix eggs, Russell Stover eggs -all
Reese's pieces carrot shape wrapped candies
Jelly beans --all
Goo Goo clusters, 
Valo - milk, Mellow creme
Moon pies -- all
Twizzlers -- colorful
M n  M' s -- pastels
Candy coated pastel Jordan almonds -- Wal-Mart
Marshmallow rabbits and spring...Kraft
Hershey kisses -- pastel foils
Easter chew grasses
Cotton candy -- easter cotton tails.
Whitman's chocolates easter 
Peeps ! All colorful pastels
Rabbit teeth lollipops
Candy necklaces + candy bracelets
Galerie easter candy dispensers - all 
Haribo-- spring / easter gummy candy
Marshmallow rabbits -- all
Bedre chocolates -- all nice to gift, from Oklahoma !
Easter candy bird nests -- all..
Smarties -- all 
Necco wafers
sathers juju fish, -- all candies
Easter marshmallow lollipops characters 
Brach 's, western family, after dinner mints
Lifesavers -- all including gummies, pastels

For those with diabetic needs, there are sugar free candies available....all can enjoy, have fun !


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