Thursday, April 6, 2017

hygiene....very important !....

With the hotter temperatures outdoors, I know that causes us all to sweat and smell awful !....icky !....I bathe in the evenings after I am through with the helps me to rest better at night....

during cooler weather I take a nice warmer bath, or shower....during hotter weather months, I take a nice cooling bath or shower....helps me to calm down, rest....

We have got to always bathe, use bar soap, with wash cloth, wash all over our bodies, genitalia, stinky butts ! ....haha...wash everywhere....bath or shower....careful of uti for females, never wash with too much soap in bath / shower...I easily have a uti when washing with too much soap in that area....just some helpful info.

Bar soaps are everywhere I enjoy those, most affordable at Dollar tree, just $ 1.00/ bar soap !....Wal-Mart, dollar stores, locally....

Brands of bar soaps ---

-- coast
-- Irish spring
-- dial
-- Kirk's castle
-- Yardley
-- pears - both
-- zest
-- ivory
-- dove
-- caress
-- lever
-- jergens
-- safeguard
-- Shea butter
-- dove men
-- old spice
-- gold

Body washes, bath gels, I like these...found at most stores, Wal-Mart, dollar stores

Brands of these --

-- vitabath
-- bodycology
-- AXE for men
-- dove men
-- old spice
-- Olay
-- dial
-- softsoap
-- suave
-- white rain
-- zest
-- gillette

Deodorant we need for stinky arm pits, shoo - wee !...we all need to use all the wants to stink, and others smell you..stinky ! Apply after bath / you will smell clean for the day...whatever time you and women, teens need you know.

Clinical strength may be needed for some, others are just that way genetically, these clinical strengths can be may need these more so....

Find in most stores.
-- dove
-- mitchum
-- ban
-- soft and dry
-- degree
-- suave
-- arm and hammer
-- arrid
-- addidas
-- secret
-- sure
-- speedstick
-- rightguard
-- AXE
-- Gillette
-- old spice

Shaving for both men and women is needed...

Good shaving soaps can be in containers, or just use water, bar soap, be very careful not to injure yourself...

Shaving soaps

-- old dop kits, from walmart for men
-- skintimate shave gels for women
-- Barbasol, all
-- equate, all
-- Aveeno, all

Shaving razors, are affordable most times, for men, women.

These brands.
-- Good sense
-- Bic

Waxing, or hair removal creams are nice for women, or men...

Brands as, Sally Hansen, Nair...have many items to help...we need to groom all areas of our body...helps with hygiene, stinky smell, cleanliness !....embarrassing I know,  but we are all just humans here, with same troubles..

Brushing our teeth, and using mouthwash everyday is what we all need to be doing daily, after breakfast, and before you leave home for the day !...bad breath is embarrassing, some people may suffer from halitosis..we need to brush teeth, rinse with mouthwash....

Toothbrushes are all colorful, hues, designs, character...very affordable, walmart, target, dollar tree, dollar stores...

Toothpaste brands, I enjoy most, I prefer the whitening toothpaste, whiter teeth look cleaner...crest white teeth strips help also....all prices...brush gently !

-- aquafresh
-- crest
-- Colgate
-- close - up
-- sensodyne
-- arm and hammer

Washing your hair, always, I cannot even begin to tell you how stinky your hair can be when you haven't washed your head in a long time...soured, stinky smell.....happens quickly in summer, hot working conditions.....wash at least every week....sweating causes this also...

Shampoos I enjoy using many, scrub your head clean, wash with shampoo, and conditioner is best, sometimes they match.....

Shampoos brands I enjoy

-- tresemme
-- garnier fructis
-- John Frieda
-- white rain
-- mane and tail
-- suave
-- Vo5
-- herbal essences
-- whole blends
-- salon selectives

For those with certain scalp conditions there are shampoos available to help with those, all climates may cause these

-- selsun blue
-- head and shoulders
-- T tree shampoo
--RidX for louse / lice treatments, school days !

Way too many hair care items to name, here are a few I enjoy. Most hair care stores, Wal-Mart, other stores..

-- johnny b. Goode...for men
-- big sexy hair
--  tigi bed head
-- aquanet
-- equate
-- salon selectives
-- not your mother's
-- schwarzkopf
-- BTZ
-- hot off the press
-- rock and roll hair
-- Vidal Sassoon
-- Paul Mitchell
-- suave
-- Carol's daughter
-- garnier fructis
-- biolage

Whew ! That is quite a list of items....time for me to shut up now !.....haha....

Smell nice, be cleaner.


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