Sunday, April 2, 2017


Many people are able to find their significant other, some people never find them, that's ok !...if you find them you may wish to be engaged, have a ceremony, or a wedding....

I see many weddings in the newspapers.

Being in love is wonderful....if you find true love.

Choosing a wedding dress, wedding clothes.

Planning the wedding day.

Flowers, rings, unity candle.

Write your vows, whatever you wish.

Makeup, nails, hair, lipstick to kiss !

Lip -- ink is a good brand to kiss with...haha

The pastor is there.

Hold hands, look into beloved ' s eyes.

Place ring on hands, say " I do " !

Ceremony just for 2, or other.

Small cake. or other.


Time together most important, always take care of one another, spend forever together, be dedicated to one another.

Never cheat, never lie, never betray.

Make very sure who you marry is the one you really adore, otherwise, forget it.

Should be laughter, happiness, not turmoil, anger, depression and sadness....

Many people marry, many people are happy being single...whatever a person chooses.


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