Friday, April 21, 2017

assemble pools, pool toys, outdoors recreation...

Summer always makes me think of swimming in a pool of cool water, to escape the hot temps !...I have an assemble above ground pool, it is very much to assemble, but well worth the money, I saved money for instructions and how to video for assembly ! Will need help from family / friends, believe me, I know this ! lot of work....

Brands of the assemble pools I have tried / used before are:

Sand n Sun

Wal-Mart, and most grand chain stores have them.

Do not dive into water with these assemble pools, you can become mangled, dangerous, just may wish to swim under the water to find the kiddie toy diving sticks...I always enjoyed these at the pool, searching for them under the water....a challenge ! Fun.

Fill pool with water from your water hose outdoors, takes many hours to fill pool, so run water slow, not to stir / drain water too slow, careful....seems forever when you are wishing for a nice swim, but keep running water slow from water hose, pool will fill in a day or may need to refill the pool with water later because the sun causes evaporation....

The above ground pools are very nice to have at your home behind your home is best to have privacy, for you and loved ones....everyone enjoys a swim, and intruders, may try to ruin your pool, or create disturbances...

monitor your pool, and keep the chlorine tablets interior of the pool in the holder that contains them, always keep the white chlorine discs interior of pool, very important to have the tablets of bleach, they are grand sized and very affordable !....replace every week and a half !

Keep your hair pulled back, secure while swimming, and bathe before you swim, be well kept, clean, keep pool sanitary....Clean bugs, litter out of pool with netting, place in very clean at all times !!!...very important.

These assemble pools are all sizes, prices, fun for the entire family, your friends, and you !...all ages can swim, just monitor children, and those who are not good at swimming, so they will not drown....

Pets do not need to swim in the pools !!! You may purchase a small plastic pool they call kiddie pools from most stores for dogs to rest in the cool water, these are $ 20 - $ 30 / kiddie may like to also purchase one just for very small babies, monitor them Always....

Pools toys are fun for the entire family / friends, and even you !

Find Sand n Sun brand at walmart, and other pool toys at Dollar stores, target, Kmart, dollar tree, many kinds of these ! All prices...

Pool toys are items as such :

--- inflatable pool lounge chair + tires
--- nerf water guns
--- diving sticks
--- kiddie scuba gear
--- water goggles
--- water chasers, wind up toys
--- foam noodles
--- inflatable beach balls
--- small life vests for those that cannot swim good.

Apply sunscreen, don't stay outdoors entire day, take breaks, and have dinner, rest, then enjoy the day.

I think swimming lessons are good for all, I took them, I like to favorite exercise...nice.


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