Tuesday, April 11, 2017

bubble, chewing gums, mints...

Thinking about bubble gum today....I have always enjoyed the fun bubble gums, and chewing gums with the nice minty flavor...

Bubble gum, you can create ginormous bubbles ! Always fun for me...enjoyed many years...purchase in packages, or sometimes in a container, found at most stores.Small or grand sized bubble gum machines are always fun ! Colorful.

Bubble gum brands I like :

Brach's Abracabubble
Gold Mine gum, ( in pouches )
Hubba Bubba, ( bubble tape )
Crybaby sour gum
Bazooka Joe
Rain - Blo
Dubble bubble
Big League Chew
Bubble Yum
Super Bubble
Juicy fruit
Zebra stripe
Pop Rocks bubble gum

Chewing gums are often for bad breath ! Shoo ! Gross + embarrassing to have stinky breath !!!...always brush your teeth, and if you cannot be near your toothbrush after meals, carry chewing gum and mints in your vehicle, purse, wallet...garlic causes bad breath, and most meals, cause this, always try to freshen your breath after dining....or before we say hello !

Talking to others, kissing your beloved / sweetie, being close, near to others, we all need to be chewing minty chewing gums, or have mints before being close to others !....these usually are in only mint flavors, as mints are....sugar free out there, target stores...

Brands of chewing gum I like:

Big Red
Five 5
Ice breakers

Mints are very wonderful to keep with you always, many different kinds of mints...great for freshening your breath after meals, always minty...I like mints of all kinds !...minty cookies, mint candies, nice, but I think they should all be mint green, not plain when created, as the mint candy Andes is...pretty.

These I enjoy:

Grasshopper Keebler cookie( no grasshoppers, fun name)
Dollar stores, mint cookies - all nice !
Great Value mint cookies
Oreos mint cookies
Mint baking chips for cookies, Guittard, Andes, Nestle

Candy mints:

Lifesaver mints - all
Red bird + Bob's mint puffs - all
Starlight mints, Brach's, others
Andes mints
Junior mints
Haviland thin mints
Chocolate minty nonpareils colorful
Chocolate mint candies, dollar tree
Religious mints, with bible verses on candy wrapper
Canada mints
White wedding mints, Wilton, Party Sweets, kiss your sweetie !

After dinner mints / Buttermints, colorful - Brach's, Party Sweets, Wilton, most stores, have these, Wal-Mart, dollar stores all....I like these..very nice !

Chocolate mint ice cream from Braums is nice, I haven't tried the Peppermint ice cream from there yet, hear it is good..

just remember to daily brush your teeth, Listerine, Act, dollar store mouthwash gargle helps !....but when working, not near toothbrush, always keep mints, minty chewing gum in vehicle, purse, wallet, pocket, so you can freshen up your breath, very respectful, hygienic, stops embarrassing stinky breath...gross ! 

Chewing minty gum all day is best., keeping mints with you, enjoy them !


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